E.C. Ernst Inc. recently announced that the company has chosen new corporate and operating officers. Martin Kilfeather was elected executive vice president and chief operating officer; Robert P. Anthony was elected to the newly created position of senior vice president for joint ventures; Robert Wilson was named executive assistant to the chairman; James Marschall will become treasurer and Ardele Wise was named assistant treasurer.

Jhon S. Shaw has been appointed executive director of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers. He was previously executive director of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America.

Thomas E. Bagby has joined Snider Engineering Inc. as vice president of finance.

Lawrence E. Levinson has been named a member of the executive committee of Gulf and Western Industries Inc. He is also an executive vice president of the company and a member of its board of directors.

Robert M. and Annelle P. Moore have joined the local office of Con-Sep Engineers, a company that manufacturers materials for highway and bridge construction.

Todd Martin has become manager of marketing for the business graphics division of CENTEC Corp. He was previously eastern regional sales manager for Ramtek Ccorp. of Santa Clara, Calif.

Frederick G. Spreyer has been elected vice president of the Washington office of Pacific Resources Inc., an independent energy company with headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii. Spreyer was formerly director of federal affairs for the company.

Glenn Bradley has been named to the new position of vice president of Washington operations for Chem-Nuclear Systems Inc.

Jonathan Philip Baker has been named director of finance for the Fluid Systems Division of UOP Inc. He was previously director of project finance at Procon International Inc., a subsidiary of UOP.

Anthony W. Crane has become manager of the graphics department at Mitel, Inc. He was formerly supervisor of that department at the company's Dulles facility.

Peter Murray has been named dirctor of nuclear programs for the advanced energy programs department of the Westinghouse Electric Corp. Power Systems Company. Murray was formerly chief scientist for the Westinghouse advanced power systems division in Pittsburgh, Pa.

hilip S. Schaenman has been named president of TriData Corp., a member of the SPC Group, which specializes in information systems in the fields of safety, health and environment, with emphasis on fire data. Schaenman was formerly head of the National Fire Data Center.

Donald B. Rassier, executive vice president of Fairchild Republic Co., has been elected vice president of Fairchild Industries. Anthony J. Spuria, president of Fairchild Burns Co., has been appointed corporate vice president.

Joseph Ritchey and David Whitmer have joined the staff of Mulligan/Griffin & Associates Inc. Ritchey, formerly in commercial real estate leasing with Coldwell Banker, will be responsible for marketing services. Whitmer, who was previously with Coleman and Wood, will oversee the Mulligan/Griffin property management activities.

Michael W. Haidon has been named marketing director of Combustioneer/EMC, a newly-formed energy management company. Haidon was most recently sales engineer for Flack and Kurtz Energy Management Corp. in New York.

The Society for Computer Applications in Engineering, Planning and Architecture Inc. recently elected its officers. Gary E. Neuwerth, vice president of Goodkind & O'Dea Inc., was chosen as president; David R. Schelling of the University of Maryland department of civil engineering will become director, and Joseph C. Rodgers, president of Rodgers and Associates Inc. in Rockville, was elected member-atlarge.

AKI Inc., manufacturers of computerized typesetting equipment based in Redmond, Wash., has announced that four new employes will join the firm's offices here. Sara R. Lloyd and Mark P. Merritt have joined the firm as applications engineers who will provide software technical assistance and training for customers. Michael B. Gibson will become a field service engineer and W. Thomas Brush has been named to a sales position.