As president of the advertising and public relations firm Goldberg/Marchesano & Associates, Carole Marchesano oversees an agency with 60 employes and billings of $18 million, including clients such as the Public Broadcasting Service, Mutual Broadcasting System and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Marchesano says she was on the rebound from a divorce when she got started in her field. Living in Des Moines, Iowa, with two small children, she took a secretarial job with a small, floundering ad agency that, nevertheless, had the potential for growth.

A talent for organization and some perserverance in teaching herself accounting and finance helped her rise, she says, through the ranks of the firm from secretary to personnel manager.

In 1966, she made the move to Washington and landed a job with an ad agency that she and colleague Norman Goldberg later bought out to form Goldberg/Marchesano.

The firm is one of several participating in a program, proposed by D.C. Superintendent of Schools Floretta D. McKenzie, in which private businesses donate employe time, company money and creativity to student career training.

Goldberg/Marchesano has an agreement with McKenzie to help develop a communications-career high school that will focus on broadcasting, advertising, journalism, public relations and lobbying. The firm's money will be used to put on film festivals and art fairs using student talent, to make radio and television public service announcements on the schools program and to make additional announcements using D.C. students and school facilities.