LRW Corp., a construction and real estate development firm based in Mc%lean, has begun importing a semi-mobile tower crane from Denmark that the company says can help streamline construction operations by performing many of the tasks usually reserved for larger, heavy-duty cranes.

George Boniface, an LRW employe who first observed use of these smaller cranes during a visit to Switzerland, believes that they could be used to do a majority of the lifting on most construction sites.

"The crane itself is not going to take the place of the typical mobile hydraulic cranes you see in Washington, but it's going to be a supplement to the job site," Boniface said.

"It can do 80 percent of the lifts on a typical construction site. Most of the use of a crane is for lifting construction material that weighs up to a couple of tons at most. Most cranes can lift 25 tons, but they are very seldom used to lift a 25-ton object," he said.

Although Boniface anticipates a slow acceptance here of the smaller crane, he believes they may eventually become an common piece of construction equipment. He adds that the crane, which he says has been in use in Europe for some time, has gotten a "very favorable" reaction from the people in the crane rental business who have seen it.

LRW Corp. has imported one of the smaller cranes from Kroll Cranes of Denmark. It is currently stored at McGee Crane Rental in Sterling and will go into use on a construction site next month.