Robert A. Graham has been elected to the new position of vice president of external affairs of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Companies Inc. He was previously vice president for Arizona for Mountain State Telephone and Telegraph Co. According to C&P president Robert E. Allen, the position was created as "another step toward consolidation and centralization of C&P operations." Graham's duties will focus on Washington, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

C&P also announced that Clive C. Haley Jr. has been elected treasurer and assistant secretary of the C&P Telephone companies. He was previously assistant vice president of public relations and public affairs for C&P Telephone Co. of Maryland. Haley succeeds Stuart D. Harter, who has retired. David E. Berry, who was previously assistant vice president of residence service and customer relations for the northern and western regions of Virginia, was named to replace Haley in Maryland.

Virginia Electric & Power Co. recently announced that James A. Broaddus has been promoted to manager of the corporate safety department in Richmond. He was previously station manager at the company's Yorktown power station, a position which will be filled by L. Kenneth Newsome, who has been manager of air quality services for Vepco for the past several years.

Vepco also announced that John V. Harrison has been named manager of construction services in the company's corporate headquarters; F. Kenneth Moore has become manager of the North Anna Construction Project; Carl W. Pennington has been named manager of the Bath County Pumped Storage Construction Project; John M. Davis has been appointed manager of project engineering, and Thomas L. Caviness Jr. will become manager of office systems and records.