Sidney Epstein, former associate publisher and editor of The Washington Star, has been named vice president of electronic newspaper publishing at Malarkey-Taylor and Associates, a Washington-based telecommunications management and engineering consulting firm. Epstein will explore working relationships among newspapers, cable operators and the telecommunications industry. He joined The Star in 1954 and served as city editor, managing editor and executive editor before becoming associate publisher and editor. He was also a member of The Star's board of directors.

Omaha investor Warren E. Buffet has been elected to the board of directors of the Omaha World-Herald Co. Buffet holds a 13 percent interest in The Washington Post Co.; 8 percent of Affiliated Publications Inc., publisher of The Boston Globe; four percent of Media General Inc., which publishes newspapers in Richmond, Va., Tampa, Fla., and Winston-Salem, N.C., and less than one percent of the Times-Mirror Co., publisher of The Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Times-Herald, Newsday and The Denver Post.

A. William Perigard has been elected president of Comsat General Telesystems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comsat General Corp. Perigard was one of the original founders of Telesystems, a Fairfax-based company which manufactures advanced digital telecommunications equipment. He most recently served as its executive vice president and general manager.

Peter Diamandis has been named vice president and group publisher of CBS Publications' women's magazine group. Diamandis was the founding publisher of Self magazine. He has also been publisher of Geo, Mademoiselle, New York and New West magazine. The CBS women's magazine group includes Woman's Day magazine and various newsstand specials, products and franchising derived from the magazine.

Donald G. Tacheron has been elected vice president for research of Congressional Information Service Inc., a Washington area publisher. Tacheron was previously the company's director of research and was instrumental in the development of the company's Legislative History Service and its Index to International Statistics. He is also author of the book "The Job of the Congressman."

Gray and Co. recently announced that Neil Livingstone and Linda Walker-Hill have joined the firm as a vice presidents. Livingstone is editor of "The War Against Terrorism," a book scheduled to be published this spring, and of "The U.S. and Terrorism." He was also an equity owner, vice president and member of the board of Air Panama International. Walker-Hill was previously a vice president of Hill and Knowlton.

Gray and Co. also announced that Larry Jenkins has joined the Washington office of the firm as an account executive. He was previously an account supervisor at Botsford Ketchum Public Relations, as well as publisher of InStore, a trade publication for retail grocery and department stores.

Michael J. Pallenik has joined Communications Technology Management Inc. as a project manager. He was formerly assistant director of the management systems group at Decision Strategies Corp. in Jenkintown, Pa.

Wilbur Shaw Jr. has joined the public relations firm of David Swanston & Associates as an account, sales and marketing executive. Shaw was a founder of the Academy of Defensive Driving in Orange County, Calif., and later organized a branch of that business in Washington, D.C.

Forrest P. Chisman has become a senior associated consultant for Communications Studies and Planning International. During the Carter administration, Chisman was deputy associate administrator for policy at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

In related developments, Kirit Patel has been named a consultant for Communications Studies and Planning International. Daniel J. Schimmel and Theresa Murphy have joined the company's research staff.

Stanley I. Hartman has been elected senior vice president and treasurer of Phillips Publishing Inc.