Another in a series of airport-preference surveys -- this one conducted by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce--concludes that more travelers would prefer to fly in and out of Dulles International Airport than National Airport.

The Fairfax study, conducted during the last half of January, found that Dulles was the desired departure airport for 59 percent of the passengers surveyed.

The study also found that 46 percent of all passengers who board planes at National Airport would have preferred to depart from another (unspecified) airport. Twenty three percent of those responding were government employes; 61 percent were from the private-sector..

The same figures showed that, although National meets the needs of a vast majority of air travelers in the D.C. metropolitan area, many of those travelers would use Dulles if it provided comparable flights.

Responses by private-sector passengers indicated that Dulles was more convenient to their places of business, while government travelers found National more convenient. Of the 3,734 responses obtained in the survey, 63 percent were from private-sector travelers and 37 percent from government travelers.

The survey was conducted during 10 business days in the two weeks after the fatal Air Florida plane crash here, which the survey points out could have skewed the results.

Nineteen travel agencies collected the responses. Twelve of those agencies were in Northern Virginia, and five of the remaining seven were federal government travel offices.