Gershon Meckler, partner and director of engineering design for Haines Lundberger Waehler, architects, engineers and planners in Washington and New York City, has been granted Patent No. 4,315,412 for an air conditioning unit for use in office buildings and industrial facilities.

Meckler has over 30 patents in the field of energy conservation and building design.

His latest invention embodies a fan induction unit that maintains a constant circulation of air. The unit allows a greatly reduced quantity of cold air to be distributed throughout a building in a steady air movement regardless of the thermal load. The invention also reduces the fan horsepower required, as well as the number of air ducts and their size. The unit is said to reduce air conditioning costs by an estimated 40 percent.

The unit is mounted above the ceiling in space between the ceiling and the floor above, or on the roof of a building. A small duct connects one end of the unit with the air conditioner in the basement of the building. That duct supplies a very small quantity of air to the fan in the unit. The unit is also connected by a duct to receive warm air from the ceiling of the room that is being cooled. A larger air duct supplies cold air from the unit with the fan.

Meckler holds a bachelor of science degree in engineering physics from Pennsylvania State University. He also holds a national professional engineering certification from the National Council of Examiners and is a registered engineer in 11 states.

Meckler has served as a consulting engineer to such well known firms as Owens-Corning Fiberglas, United States Steel and others. He has also served as president of the Building Research Institute and as a member of the building research advisory board for the National Academy of Sciences.

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