General Motors Corp. is recalling about 519,000 of its 1982 front-wheel-drive models--including all its newly introduced A cars--to replace clamps on the fuel and vent pipe hoses.

Meanwhile, Black & Decker Manufacturing Co. of Towson has recalled an estimated 18,000 battery-powered cordless lawnmowers because of a potential fire hazard, Whirlpool Corp. is recalling an estimated 21,000 dishwashers sold since 1979 to repair a wiring harness that may result in electrical shocks, and BMW of North America Inc. will recall all 4,000 of its 1982 528E models sold in the United States to fix a defect that could cause the auto to decelerate in cold temperatures.

Involved in the GM callbacks are the Chevrolet Celebrity, Citation and Cavalier; Pontiac 6000, Phoenix and J-2000; Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Omega and Firenza; Buick Century, Skylark and Skyhawk; and Cadillac Cimarron.

GM said the hose clamps on these autos could break, resulting in fuel leakage during refueling or while driving if the tankl is above three-quarters full.

At the same time, dealers will inspect the clutch cable on about 5,000 of the same Citation, Phoenix, Omega and Skylark models--nicknamed X cars--equipped with a four-speed manual transmission and power brakes. Should the clutch cable be out of position, it could contact and eventually wear through the left front brake pipe. If necessary, the cable will be repositioned.

GM will fix the cars without charge. The automaker said it has received no reports of accidents or injuries resulting from the defects.

Black & Decker said its Model No. 8055 lawnmowers have been sold between 1976 and the present. The company wants to recover every mower and is offering refunds to owners.

Owners of the possibly defective mowers were asked to contact Black & Decker or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Black & Decker's toll-free numbers are 800-638-3830 and, for Maryland residents only, 800-492-5506. The Consumer Product Safety Commission's toll-free numbers are 800-638-2666 and, for Maryland residents only, 800-492-2937.

Whirlpool said the wiring harnesses in some of the affected dishwashers "may receive excessive wear over a period of time, creating the remote possibility of electrical shock if the dishwasher is not properly grounded," but no known injuries or deaths have resulted.

The recall affects Whirlpool's SHO9000, SHO9001 and SHO9004 series and the SHO9900 and SHO9904 series purchased since 1979.

The harness will be replaced free of charge in the appliance owner's home, the company said.

BMW said the defect may prevent the throttle plate from fully closing when the accelerator is released after prolonged driving at low temperatures.

The repair consists of rerouting the crankcase-ventilation system connection to the engine-intake system. Drivers in cold-weather states have been notified, while those in warmer climates will be notified as soon as parts are available.