General Motors Corp. reportedly may move production of two Pontiac models from Michigan to its Baltimore assembly plant, providing jobs for 2,000 idled auto workers.

In its Friday edition, the Baltimore Evening Sun quoted GM executives--who asked not to be identified--as saying they are optimstic about the chances for the transfer.

The newspaper said that the shift would be dependent on a small increase in automobile sales and a decision to go ahead with the manufacture of GM's new P car, a sporty model with a fiberglass body.

The newspaper report was prompted by a story in Ward's Automotive Reports that Grand Prix and Bonneville production will be shifted to Baltimore and Ste. Therese, Canada, as early as August.

The plant currently employs 2,400 workers who assemble mid-sized Chevrolet Malibus and Monte Carlos.

Meanwhile, Bethlehem Steel Corp. officials in Baltimore said yesterday that the company plans to reactivate three large mills next week, prompting the recall of about 3,300 of the 5,900 idled workers at its Sparrows Point Plant.

But the steel producer also announced plans to halt some plate-mill and mechanical operations temporarily starting Monday, which will idle another 650 workers for about one week. A company spokesman said about 2,600 workers at the plant will remain on indefinite layoff.