The Dutch owners of the International Reporting and Information Systems, a world-wide intelligence service started by National Journal owner Anthony Stout, will soon set up a wholly owned subsidiary here to control the operations of the system.

Stout, who has been running IRIS, based in Crystal City, said he would soon hold a senior position on IRIS' board of directors and that his move had been planned since IRIS' inception.

The day-to-day operations will be placed in the hands of an executive manager, Stout said. "From the very beginning I planned to find an international businessman to act as top of the show," Stout said in an interview. Stout said he was only acting as an interim manager.

Barry Kelly, who said he left the CIA in September to work for IRIS, said he will be managing the operations on a day-to-day basis. The move by IRIS' parent company to set up a subsidiary here was no reflection on Stout's handling of the service, Stout said.

"The investors want to control the company themselves," Kelly said. Stout's day-to-day management role will be diminished but not his policy or promotional role, Kelly said. The company had always planned to take control of operations after the initial setting up and promotional phase, Kelly said.

IRIS, through the work of its own journalists, will gather information from around the world for its subscribers. Stout said IRIS will begin this summer selling information to corporations using part of its system and by next March it will be fully operational.