The D.C. People's Counsel asked the Public Service Commission yesterday to dismiss a Pepco rate increase request filed March 17.

Brian Lederer said that intervals between rate increase requests are getting shorter and shorter. "Pepco wants to argue about the very same issues that the commission has just decided or is in the process of deciding in other cases," he said.

Pepco received a rate increase of $23.3 million on Dec. 29--approximately three months before the most recent request for $81 million--or a 17.8 percent increase in revenues. "Pepco's latest increase has been in effect only a very short time," Lederer said. "There is no way to tell whether Pepco needs more money until we have some experience under those new rates."

Pepco Senior Vice President Paul Dragoumis said that the new rates are based on 1980 costs and that the new request will provide rates in 1983 based on 1981 costs. He said the new request also reflects costs that have not been recovered previously.

Dragoumis said that Pepco objected to the motion to dismiss for those reasons and also because dismissing the request would throw out a Pepco proposal to lower rates for low-income customers.