UNC Teton Exploration Drilling Inc. announced recently that Dwain L. Hankins has been elected chairman of the board, succeeding Richard K. Lisco, who has retired. Hankins will continue as chief exeuctive officer. He will be replaced as president by C. Brent Hall, who has been executive vice president.

Austen W. Watson has been appointed vice president of governmental relations for the products and services division of the Singer Co.'s government group. He was formerly director of government sales for the company's Kearfoot Division.

Philip T. Mahoney has been elected president of the Dynalectric Co., an electrical and mechanical contracting subsidiary of Dynalectron Co. He was previously executive vice president of Commonwealth Electric Co.

Gerald E. Lutz has been named vice president of quality assurance for the Fairchild Space & Electronics Co. He has been director of quality assurance and manager of quality and test for the company.

Anthony J. Spuria has been named to the new position of vice president of commercial aviation for Fairchild Burns Co., Fairchild Swearingen Corp. and Fairchild Aircraft Service Division. Spuria was formerly president and general manager of Fairchild Burns Co. He will be succeeded by Robert P. Rowe, who has been vice president of marketing and contracts at Fairchild Burns.

Mark H. Ronald has become a vice president in the Amecom division of Litton Industries. He was previously director of Amecom's advanced capability program.

Edwin A. Coy has been named a vice president of the Space Communications Co. He was formerly with Kentron International. In addition, Robert M. Bowman has become vice president of advanced planning for the company. He had been program manager with the General Dynamics/Convair Division. Robert O. Bartlett has joined Spacecom as assistant vice president of advanced planning. He was previously with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Lannon Walker has become president of St. John International Inc., a local shipping company. He was previously deputy assistant secretary for African affairs at the State Department.

Peter V. Mulligan has been promoted to vice president of research and development for Vitro Laboratories Division. He has been administrator of the company's personnel department.

In a related development, Clara W. Pierce, assistant to the vice president of industrial relations for Vitro Laboratories, recently received the Black Achievers in Industry Award from the Harlem, N.Y., YMCA.

Frank S. Johnson Jr. has become vice president of public relations for Newport News Shipbuilding. He was formerly vice president of public affairs for Revlon Inc. and president of the Revlon Foundation.