In yesterday's Washington Business, sales/revenues for Satellite Business Systems should have been $5.26 million. Dividends for Peoples Drug Stores last year were 36 cents a share.

Allbritton Communications Co. DESCROPTION: Washington-based owner of television stations in D.C. (WJLA-TV); Lynchburg, Va.; Charleston, S.C.; daily newspapers in Union City and Paterson, N.J., and weeklies in Massachusetts. FOUNDED: 1978. TOP EXECUTIVE: Joe L. Allbritton, chairman.

Financier Allbritton has initiated an ambitious expansion effort by signing a tentative agreement to buy the troubled New York Daily News, the nation's largest circulation daily.

Allbritton Communications Co. is a privately held, Washington-based diversified media group, although its principal holdings are in the broadcast area.

Allbritton Communications currently owns WJLA-TV (Channel 7) in the District, television stations in Virginia and South Carolina, and newspapers in Massachusetts and New Jersey, including the Trenton Times, which Allbritton bought from The Washington Post Co. earlier this year.

Allbritton refuses to discuss his holdings in the communications company or its parent, Perpetual Corp., which is chartered in Delaware and based in Houston. Therefore, little is known about the operations of those companies.

However, court documents which were filed a year ago when Allbritton gained control of Riggs National Bank showed the book value of the three television stations on March 3, 1981 was $138 million. The newspapers that the company owned at the time were valued at $1.8 million.

Blake Construction Co. DESCRIPTION: One of the area's largest family-owned construction management, general contracting, real estate development and management firms, specializing in government work, with 200 employes. FOUNDED: 1949. TOP EXECUTIVES: Howard M. Bender, chairman; Stanley Prill, president and chief operating officer; Stanley S. Bender, executive vice president.

Company officials anticipate a recovery in development and construction activity, with an upsurge in the third quarter of this year. This resurgence will be "more level, more constant, more modest, but more long-lived than in the past," officials said. Blake officials expect "capital spending will increase slightly."

The firm has played a key role in a number of local construction projects, including the headquarters for the National Association of Home Builders, the George Washington University Library and the James Forrestal Building. Estimates of Blake's construction in progress exceed $1 billion.

Bureau of National Affairs DECRIPTION: A private Washington business, owned entirely by employes, that publishes legal, economic, labor, tax, financial, environmental, safety and energy information for business and professional users. FOUNDED: 1929. TOP EXECUTIVES: William A. Beltz, president and chief executive; Stanley E. Degler, executive editor.

BNA organization is recognized as a leading source of authoritative information services. The company also has a film division that produces documentaries on personnel mangement, but its main interest is concentrated on publishing activities. Clark Enterprises DESCRIPTION: Privately owned company for George Hyman Construction Co., a major area general contracting and construction company, as well as Omni Construction Co., a Rockville-based nonunion contractor with projects from Atlanta to San Francisco; other construction companies. FOUNDED: 1949. TOP EXECUTIVES: A. James Clark, founder and CEO.

Clark remains optimistic despite the marked downturn in the construction industry. The company's current backlog is strong while 1982 volume and profits are expected to hold firm. Omni recently was named outstanding general contractor by the D.C. Metropolitan Subcontractors Association, and is recognized by Engineering News Record as the 15th largest general building contractor in the nation. Omni says it is Washington's largest merit shop general contractor.

Donohoe Construction Co. Inc. DESCRIPTION: General contractor and builder/developer with subsidiaries and services covering the full range of commercial and residential real estate. FOUNDED: 1884. TOP EXECUTIVES: Richard J. Donohoe, president; Clarence F. Donohoe Jr., chairman.

Following the 1981 completion of the award-winning Georgetown Park shopping complex and their participation in construction of the final building in the Federal Center, Donohoe is cautiously optimistic about the future. Despite record interest rates, the company looks to its hundreth birthday in 1984 with enthusiasm.

According to Donohoe's corporate council John Stinchfield, 1983 will be a challenging year. He pointed to Donohoe's minority partnership in Park Place of Rosslyn, however, as an example of how innovative construction continues in the face of a declining economy.

Howard P. Foley Co. DESCRIPTION: A general, industrial, commercial and power-line electrical contractor. FOUNDED: 1911. TOP EXECUTIVES: E. Kendall Lorenz, chairman; Bancroft T. Foley Jr., president.

The company has more than $200 million in contracts in various stages of completion and operates throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Canada. Executive offices are located in downtown Washington.

Kettler Brothers DESCRIPTION: A privately owned builder and developer in Maryland, Virginia and D.C., and creator of Montgomery Village at Gaithersburg. FOUNDED: 1952. TOP EXECUTIVES: Clarence E. Kettler, president; Milton E. Kettler, chairman and vice president.

This year marks Kettler's 30th anniversary, and the construction company remains optimistic about the growth potential in the metropolitan area. "The demographics indicate an underlying demand for office space, shopping centers, churches and commercial property," a company spokesperson comments. Kettler has been successful securing mortgage commitments by offering them below normal market rates, resulting in continued house sales, the company notes. Kettler plans to to deliver between 300 and 350 houses in the year. The general contracting department is involved with five major construction projects throughout the area.

Koons Automotive Organization DESCRIPTION: An auto-sales empire, including the largest Ford dealership in the world and 11 locations. FOUNDED: 1964. TOP EXECUTIVE: James E. Koons, president.

The Seven Corners Ford dealership has had annual sales estimated at more than $35 million, giving it a more-than-decade-old grip on the No. 1 dealership title for Fords. But the Koons family holdings, which stretch to Florida, have generated more than $250 million in revenues annually and 3,000 vehicles a month in sales. All the Koons new-car dealerships, including Chevrolet, Chrysler, AMC, Toyota, Renault, Honda, Porsche and Audi products, are operated as independent entities. Other businesses include leasing and distribution.

Mars Inc. DESCRIPTION: A worldwide food processing empire consisting of autonomous divisions reporting to headquarters in McLean. Mars is one of the largest privately held firms in the United States, with heirs of founder Frank Mars controlling almost all the stock. Mars produces M&Ms, Milky Way and Snickers candy, Kal Kan pet food, Uncle Ben's rice and other food products. ASSETS: The company has 15 manufacturing plants in the United States and 26 more abroad, mostly in Western Europe and Australia. FOUNDED: 1920 TOP EXECUTIVES: Forrest E. Mars Jr. and John F. Mars, grandsons of the founder, share the title of president. They and their sister, Jacqueline Mars Badger, are the only members of the board of directors.

Mars releases no information on revenues or profits. With estimated worldwide sales of at least $3 billion last year, Mars is a giant of the food-processing industry, larger than Pillsbury, H. J. Heinz and Quaker Oats and more than twice the size of its arch rival, Hershey Foods. The company has about 5,000 workers in its U.S. plants and an estimated total of 15,000 to 20,000 worldwide. The exact number is not known because most Mars operations are nonunion, reflecting a company-wide tradition of paternalism in labor relations. The heads of individual divisions are said by food industry experts to be under strict requirements to achieve a return on investment of at least 13.5 percent a year; failure to do so results in a reduction of their own compensation.

Through aggressive pricing policies and heavy advertising, Mars products have achieved a dominant position in the U.S. candy market, boosting their share of the industry's $5 billion annual sales last year to an estimated 40 percent, mostly at the expense of Hershey.

Howard L. Walker, head of the candy division, said in an unprecedented interview with The Washington Post last year that the company planned to expand its market further by moving into snack foods other than candy, and by emphasizing the nutritional value of what it calls "Now Foods."

Advertising Age magazine estimates that Mars spent $83.7 million on U.S. advertising in 1980, making it the 58th largest advertiser. The company also occasionally promotes its products through games, contests and giveaways.

Oliver T. Carr Co. DESCRIPTION: One of the largest and oldest development firms in the Washington area. FOUNDED: 1910. TOP EXECUTIVES: Oliver T. Carr, president; Robert Carr, vice president development; Richard Carr, vice president acquistion; Richard Goode, vice president construction.

The Oliver T. Carr Co. says it currently has about $180 million of work under construction, which compares with $350 million of work at this time last year. Nevertheless, Carr management says it is "optimistic for future mixed-use development in the metropolitan area."

Last month, the company joined another local developer in suing the D.C. Redevelopment Land Agency for removing them as developers of the potentially lucrative Metro Center project, which was to be composed of a $211 million office, hotel and department store complex on the 3.7 acre site over the city's busiest subway station.

Ourisman Enterprises DESCRIPTION: Chevrolet, Dodge and new Ford dealerships in Marlow Heights and Alexandria. FOUNDED: 1921. TOP EXECUTIVE: Mandell Ourisman, chairman of Ourisman Chevrolet Co. Inc., Ourisman Dodge Inc. and Ourisman World of Ford Sales Inc.

Ourisman this year added a Ford dealership in Alexandria. Mandell Ourisman said he will continue to expand by two or three more dealerships to be operated by four of his five sons. If a foreign car dealership becomes available at a good location, Ourisman said he would consider buying it along with any other prospective profitable dealership.

The family-held company posted annual sales of $77 million in 1981 from the Dodge and Chevrolet dealerships. The Ford business, acquired in February, had no 1981 sales under Ourisman.

Raleigh Stores Corp. DESCRIPTION: A Washington-based retailer of clothing with 11 stores in the metropolitan area. FOUNDED: 1911. TOP EXECUTIVES: Sidney Lansburgh Jr., president.

Raleighs expects to maintain its position in Washington retailing.

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows DESCRIPTION: A privately-held, live entertainment company, based in the District. FOUNDED: 1870. TOP EXECUTIVES: Irvin Feld, CEO and co-owner with his son, Kenneth.

The Greatest Show on Earth is now one of Washington's Top 100 as a result of the repurchase of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows by those fearless father and son showmen, Irvin and Kenneth Feld. They bought the circus from the Mattel toy conglomerate in March for $22.8 million. "The good lord never meant for a circus to be owned by a corporation," the elder Feld proclaimed after signing the deal.

From their New Mexico Avenue headquarters, the Felds operate two circus companies, a long-running Las Vegas magic show and three ice shows. A fourth ice act is going into rehearsal as the Felds attempt to turn around a segment of their show business that's not exactly a hot property. Analysts say the circus itself turns a $5 million profit on $40 million worth of tickets, popcorn and pachyderm parades.

Rosenthal Automotive Organization DESCRIPTION: The largest auto dealership group in this area, based in Arlington. FOUNDED: 1954. TOP EXECUTIVES: Robert M. Rosenthal, president; William Lane, vice president.

With 11 auto franchises and a handful of associated companies, what Robert Rosenthall calls The Rosenthal Automotive Organization is estimated to be the biggest of the auto dealership groups in the Washington area with sales of about $200 million. Adding new links to his chain even as other dealers falter, Rosenthal opened new DeLorean, Dodge and Datsun dealerships last year. Rosenthal Chevrolet is the flagship store, and Rosenthal Honda claims to be the biggest Honda dealer in the country. A second Honda outlet, two Toyota stores plus Pontiac, Jaguar and Mazda dealerships, an insurance company, a management firm and an advertising agency complete the group.

Satellite Business Systems DESCRIPTION: A joint venture of Comsat General Corp., International Business Machines Corp. and Aetna Life & Casualty, SBS is a satellite communications company that offers private, high-capacity telephone networks to transmit voice, data and video messages among offices around the country without going through the local telephone network for large companies with high volume communications requirements. The company also provides a long-cost long-distance voice service for smaller firms. Its headquarters are in McLean. FOUNDED: 1975. TOP EXECUTIVE: Robert C. Hall, president and chief executive office.

After six years of legal and technical problems, SBS finally launched its novel satellite communications system last March. By the end of the year, 25 firms were using its private voice, data and video network and more than 200 companies had signed up for its less expensive long-distance telephone service. Revenues from March until the end of the year totaled $5.262 million; expenses for the entire year were $128 million, resulting in a net loss for SBS of $122.7 million. Assets totaled $379.6 million at the end of 1981.

A new service that requires a large amount of capital--the three partners have jointly provided a total of $591 million since the company's inception-- SBS does not expect to break even for at least another year. However, SBS officials expect revenues to increase substantially this year, as many more customers sign up for SBS service and as SBS offers new and different services.

Employes totaled 1,398, of which 1,140 were in the Washington area.

Temporaries Inc. DESCRIPTION: Temporary help-services firm based in the District, with 27 offices in 19 markets specializing in office and medical services. FOUNDED: 1969. TOP EXECUTIVE: Barry Wright, president and chief executive officer.

The company plans for the coming year expansion in markets in southern California, Arizona and Oklahoma. It also plans to start a "home care service" here in May. Temporaries expects "moderate growth," at a rate of 15 percent, during 1982, and hopes to reach a 25 percent growth rate next year. The firm experienced growth at a rate of 50 percent for the four years leading up to 1980.

U.S. News and World Report DESCRIPTION: Second-largest publishing company in Washington, with its weekly magazine, U.S. News & World Report, a publication concentrating in hard news, being the cournerstone as a revenue producer. It also has launched a joint venture with Boston Properties involving a $200 million project, and the company also purchased Parkway Productions. FOUNDED: 1933. TOP EXECUTIVES: John H. Sweet, chairman; James H. McIlhenny, president.

U.S. News and World Report Inc., is expected to exceed $100 million in revenues for this year.

The company was one of the leaders in the technological evolution of electronic magazine publishing, and pioneered satellite distribution to remote printing plants. Within five years, U.S. News has plans to move into a new construction that will be 900,000 square feet. This joint venture with Boston Properties costs $200 million, but the project will create more room for U.S. News to expand in radio and television communications. The facility is also expected to include a communications center, which will offer satellite hook-up equipment for other news concerns. The new building will also include a 450-room luxury hotel and office building, and high rise and town house condominiums.

Last year the company purchased Parkway Productions, a Bethesda company that U.S. News says is the nation's largest producer and distributor of "fine-arts radio programming." The company provides satellite transmissions of programming to more than 300 stations. This new venture will be called Parkway Communications Corp.

Weaver Brothers Inc. DESCRIPTION: One of the region's largest privately owned mortgage banking and real estate firms, based in Chevy Chase with 315 employes. FOUNDED: 1888. TOP EXECUTIVES: Clarence Dodge Jr., chairman; Martin F. West Jr., president.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, Weaver Brothers' sales are about $19 million. The firm is involved in real estate development and management of shopping centers, apartments and other commercial properties, leasing and insurance, with offices from Gaithersburg to Richmond and Virginia Beach. Weaver's loan portfolio exceeds $1 billion.