Raven Systems and Research Inc. of Washington is 71st on Black Enterprise magazine's list of the 100 largest black-owned businesses in the United States. A story in this week's Washington Business section referred incorrectly to the company's status on the list.

The same number as last year--are listed in the Black Enterprise magazine survey of the nation's 100 largest black-owned companies.

Meanwhile, two local companies were included on Inc. magazine's list of the nation's 100 fastest-growing, publicly owned small companies.

In the Black Enterprise survey, area automobile dealers, reflecting sluggish auto business nationwide, plummeted on the list. Seidel Chevrolet of Landover, which ranked 98th last year, was dropped from the list. McLaughlin Oldsmobile, Inc., of Capitol Heights dropped from 63rd last year to 99th this year, with sales of $6.9 million.

Computer oriented firms mostly improved. Sterling Systems, Inc., of McLean, with sales of $17 million, jumped from No. 37 last year to 29 this year and, more dramatic, Systems and Applied Sciences Corp. of Riverdale, an information processing and computer software firm, jumped from 34th last year to 16th this year, with sales of $26.1 million. Misso Services Corp. of Falls Church, however, dropped from 24th to 36th with $15.1 million in revenues.

Newcomers to the list were International Business Services, Inc., a District-based systems consulting firm with $11.2 million in sales, ranked 61st, and Parks Sausage Co. of Baltimore, with $18.5 million in sales, ranked 24th. lunt Enterprises, Inc., a District construction management and consulting firm with sales of $11.6 million, dropped from 42nd to 58th, while the Jackson Oil Co. of Baltimore, with $34.7 million in sales, rose from 18th to 14th. Community Foods, Inc. of Baltimore, with $18 million in sales, dropped from 19th to 25th.

Raven Systems and Research Inc., which jumped from 95th to 69th last year, was dropped from the list this year.

The nation's largest black businesses had a 24.2 percent growth in revenues, from $1.5 billion in 1980 to $1.9 billion last year.

The top five companies are Motown Industries of Los Angeles, revenues of $91.7 million; Wallace & Wallace Enterprises, Inc., of New York, $81.9 million; Johnson Publishing Co. of Chicago, $81.2 million; Fedco Foods Corp. of New York, $80 million, and Thacker Construction Co. of Decatur, Ga., with $71.8 million.

"We see strong performances by companies involved in the new technologies, those that cater primarily to black consumers and firms involved with energy distribution," said the magazine's editor and publisher, Earl G. Graves. "The political clout that black Americans have acquired in several major American cities has been translated into business for black-owned construction and service companies.

"But in the present atmosphere of government budget cutbacks, I am very much aware that those firms which depend considerably on government business are in a much more precarious position than are those which deal exclusively in the private sector," Graves said. "Most black companies would prefer to do business in the private sector, but despite President Reagan's call to large corporations to provide more opportunities for those who have traditionally been excluded, there has been no great rush to embrace struggling minority firms."

In the magazine's list of the largest black-owned banks, Industrial Bank of Washington and United National Bank of Washington switched rankings this year, with Industrial ranking 5th and United National ranking 6th. Industrial had deposits last year of $56 million and loans of $30.1 million and United National had deposits of $53.3 million and loans of $28.6 million.

Washington's Independence Savings and Loan, which recently merged with Community Federal Savings and Loan, jumped from 6th to 4th place on the list of largest savings and loans, with deposits of $83.9 million and loans of $70.3 million.

On the Inc. magazine list, C3 of Reston rose from 97th to 89th with a 70 percent annual growth rate that put its sales at $32.5 million, and Nuclear Support Services, a nuclear utility services firm in Woodbridge which was not ranked last year, joined the list in 39th place with a 98 percent annual growth rate and sales of $17 million.