Martinair Holland, a Dutch airline, will begin new service from Baltimore/Washington International Airport to Amsterdam next month.

Frank T. J. . Allard, Martinair's director of sales and marketing, said the flights--with a round-trip fare of $499--will operate every Tuesday beginning June 15. The airline will use McDonnell Douglas DC10 aircraft with 376 seats in an all-coach class. The flight is nonstop to Amsterdam, but stops in New York on the way back.

Allard said Martinair will operate "scheduled charters, a sort of middle form" between the classic charter and regularly scheduled service. Although tickets will be sold through travel agents and two major tour operators--Davis Agency and ILT Tours--the flights will operate regardless of the number of seats sold, he said. In most cases, a charter operator has the option of cancelling a charter 10 days before the flight is scheduled if the requisite number of passengers haven't been booked.

Martinair's ticket price appears to be one of the lowest--if not the lowest--"scheduled" fare to Europe this summer from this area.

The airline currently plans to operate the flights through September but could extend them. "We are trying our this new destination," Allard said yesterday. "If it is successful, we might want to continue through part of the autumn."

Although most airlines--domestic and foreign--have been losing money in the current downturn, Martinair had a $4.9 million profit last year and a $2.9 million profit in 1980.