Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., in what it termed "a major realignment" of its management organization and corporate strategy, has elected A.S. Hutchcraft Jr. president and chief operating officer and a member of its board of directors. Hutchcraft was previously corporate vice president and general manager of the aluminum division, the corporation's largest single enterprise.

Hutchcraft succeeds Cornell C. Maier, who will continue as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the Oakland, Calif., company.

Corporate vice president Howard Nelson, who was formerly general manager of the company's major diversified businesses in industrial and agricultural chemicals and refractories, will succeed Hutchcraft as general manager of the aluminum division.

Timothy F. Preece, also a corporate vice president, will assume control of the corporation's commercial, residential and industrial real estate operations, which have been consolidated into a single group. Preece was formerly in charge of Kaiser's planning and control activities. He is also president of Kaiser Center Inc., a wholly owned real estate subsidiary.

Thomas K. Singer has been named president of Kaiser Aluminum International, an international marketing and commodities trading company. He will continue as corporate vice president of human resources and governmental relations.

Corporate vice president J.D. Erickson, who has been president of Kaiser Aluminum International, will direct the corporation's planning and control, management systems and purchasing and distribution operations.