The Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents for 1981 states the total of salary and expenses of the U.S. Patent and Trademark office in 1981 was $113.12 million, while total congressional appropriations for the office were $116.15 million. Income from patent fees in 1981 was $29.49 million. A little addition and substraction will show that the Patent and Trademark Office ended up with a surplus of about $32.52 million.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that the residents of California won more patents than the residents of any other state in 1981--a total of 6,038 patents. New York State residents were second with 3,812 patents, while New Jersey residents were third with 3,279. Residents of the District of Columbia received 76 patents, while Maryland inventors received 770 and those in Virginia received 618.

Resident inventors in 74 foreign countries received a total of 27,816 U.S. patents. Of these, 8,459 went to inventors in Japan, while 6,436 went to West Germany, and 2,616 to the United Kingdom. Inventors in the Soviet Union received 427 U.S. patents, inventors in the People's Republic of China received 5.

Recent U.S. Patents granted to residents of Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia:


Robert J. Hayden of LaPlata. Method of Opening Metal Beverage Containers. Patent No. 4,330,894. 2 claims.

Hector Lopez of Kennsington and Stephen W. Smith of Rockville. Contrast Resolution Tissue Equivalent Ultrasound Test Object. Patent No. 4,331,021. 8 claims.

Cecil English of Woodbine. Saw Sharpening Machine. Patent No. 4,331,047. 3 claims.

Ollie J. Allen of Ellicott City. Musical Instrument Tuning Device. Patent No. 4,331,060. 13 claims.

Ronald L. Broadwater of Timonium, et al. Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Measuring Watch. Patent No. 4,331,154. 16 claims.

Ronald F. Bax of Columbia and John H. Perry of Silver Spring. Electronic Cardiographic Storage System Using a Rotating Film Drum. Patent No. 4,331,159. 25 claims.

John J. Zito Sr. of Towson. Method for Detecting and Recording Physiological Changes Accompanying Emotional Stress. Patent No. 4,331,160. 4 claims.

John L. Wentz of Ellicott City. Electro-Optical Modulator for Randomly Polarized Light. Patent No. 4,331,387. 19 claims.

Jane L. Crane of Wheaton. Math Educational Apparatus. Patent No. 4,331,424. 20 claims.

Ramon Dominguez of Rockville and Jack R. Anderson of Gaithersburg. Method of Making A Solar Panel. Patent No. 4,331,492. 2 claims.

Milton D. Goldenberg of Potomac. Tumor Localization and Therapy with Labeled Antibody Fragments Specific to Tumor--Associated Markers. Patent No. 4,331,647. 50 claims.

Charles E. Myers Jr. of Rockville, et al. N-Acetyl-Cysteine Products Against Cardiac Damage from Subsequently Administered Cardio-Toxic Anthra-Cycine in Cancer Therapy. Patent No. 4,331,648. 10 claims.


Frederick L. Russell of Charlottsville and Charles M. Davis of Albemarle County. Light Shield. Patent No. 4,331,136. 4 claims.

Robert W. Hale of Bon Air. Cigarette. Patent No. 4,331,166. 8 claims.

C. Fred Davis Jr. of Lynchburg. Modular Nuclear Fuel Assembly Rack. Patent No. 4,331,244. 1 claim.

Joseph S. Heyman of Gloucester. Acoustic Tooth Cleaner. Patent No. 4,331,422. 3 claims.

Edward F. Draper and Paul E. Bentley, both of Norfolk. Synthetic Coal Log. Patent No. 4,331,466. 12 claims.

William R. Waton of Marion. Electrical Fish Hook Sharpener. Design Patent No. D-264,547, For term of 14 years.

Washington, D.C.

Hayden Morris of Washington, and Richard F. Bis of Mount Airy, Md. Process for Preparing Isolated Junctions in Thin-Filsca Semiconductors Utilizing Shadow-Masked Deposition to Form Graded-Side Mesas. Patent No. 4,330,932. 11 claims.

Louis Gold. Management of Chemical Toxic Wastes. Patent No. 4,331,088. 3 claims.