Boyd Van Ness has been appointed northeast regional manager for Coldwell Banker's commercial real estate services division. Van Ness joined the Beverly Hills, Calif., office of Coldwell Banker in 1964. He came to Washington in 1977 and has been national marketing director and first vice president for retail properties since 1981.

Robert L. Cohen has been elected president of Barnes, Morris and Pardoe Inc. He was most recently senior vice president of the firm.

Edward A. Ely has joined the Howard Research and Development Corp. as director of business land sales and marketing. Ely was previously manager of development and operations for McCormick Properties Inc.

Jerry L. Kirks has been appointed senior vice president of Real Estate Associates.

Sarah E. Peck has joined the development department of the Oliver T. Carr Co. as a senior market analyst. She was formerly an associate with Gladstone Associates.

Roger G. Cully has been elected president of DeRand Mortgage, a wholly owned subsidiary of DeRand Equity Group Inc. Cully joined the mortgage company in 1980 as a senior vice president.

Kevin M. Grady was recently promoted to vice president of operations for Grady Management Inc. He has been assistant vice president since 1965. Sam Sher, a property manager for the firm, will succeed Grady in that position.

Irvin L. Lewis has been appointed director of commercial sales for Ivor B. Clark Co. Inc.

Walt Glickman has been named manager of the Langley Park office of Hugh T. Peck Properties Inc. Jack Wagner has become manager of the firm's Silver Spring office.

Andrew Greenspan has joined the commercial real estate staff of the Fred Ezra Co. He was formerly with the commercial sales division of Shannon & Luchs.

Richard Lynn Tuell has become a leasing agent for Coakley Williams. He was previously with the Xerox Corp.