Deposits at commercial banks in the Washington area rose 8.62 percent in the last 12 months to a record $16.272 billion on June 30, compared with $14.980 billion a year earlier, according to a Washington Post survey.

All three jurisdictions surveyed -- Washington, Maryland and Virginia -- registered increases in total net deposits, although a dozen local banks showed a decrease in total time and demand deposits from June 30, 1981.

Virginia banks and their branches showed the largest annual increase, a 13.58 percent jump, from total net deposits of $3.574 billion in June 1981 to just over $4.060 billion in June 1982. During the quarter ended June 30 District deposits showed an increase of 3.84 percent, or $150 million, from $3.910 billion on March 31.

Maryland banks and their branches showed moderate growth, increasing 5.08 percent to $4.157 billion in June, compared with $3.956 billion a year earlier. Maryland deposits grew 3.06 percent during the quarter ended June 30, up more than $123.5 million from the $4.033 billion in deposits recorded on March 31.

In the District, deposits at banks rose to more than $8.054 billion, up 8.12 percent over last year's figure of $7.450 billion.