1. August 25: Bendix announces $1.5-billion tender offer for Martin Marietta Corp.: $43 a share for 45 percent, securities for remainder.

2. August 31: Marietta announces $1.5-billion tender offer for Bendix: $75 a share for 50.3 percent of Bendix stock, securities for remainder. Bendix directors call it inadequate.

3. September 7: United Technologies, in alliance with Marietta, announces $75-a-share offer for Bendix. Bendix increases offer for Marietta to $48 a share for 55 percent, for total of $1.7 billion.

4. September 15: United says it will offer $85 a share if Bendix doesn't contest offer. Bendix rejects proposal.

5. September 17: Bendix buys 70 percent of Marietta stock under offer and demands that Marietta directors resign.

6. September 22: Allied Corp. says it agrees to buy Bendix (and thereby Marietta) at $85 a share for 55 percent, securities for remainder, at total cost of $2.3 billion.

7. September 23: Marietta buys 10 million shares of Bendix, or 44 percent, for $750 million and will try to buy more. Allied delays its offer and the componies begin talks involving the swap between Allied and Marietta of Bendix and Marietta shares. Marietta and Bendix stocks are not trades on the securities markets September 23 and 24.

8. September 24: Allied, Bendix and Marietta reach settlement under which Allied will take over Bendix and will exchange stock with Marietta. Allied will still own 39 percent of on independent Marietta.