The ADM Partnership of Rockville has submitted the high bid of $272,240 to acquire the historic Rockville B&O Railroad Station and intends office and community use of the facility.

The former railroad station, which is listed on the federal Register of National Historic Places, was in the path of Metrorail tracks to Rockville and Shady Grove. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which owns the station, relocated it a short distance away in 1981 and offered it for sale. The main structure and baggage house were built in 1873 and were used continuously for B&O passengers and freight until about two years ago.

The ADM Partnership is composed of members from the Adams Group Inc., an advertising and public relations concern; The Publishing Group, a magazine and newsletter publishing company; and architects Duane, Elliott & Associates. All three firms are located at the Park Court Building in Rockville near the train station.

Joe Adams, president of the Adams Group and chairman of The Publishing Group, believes in the adaptive use of old buildings.

"I hate to see old places torn down, especially when they're of architectural and historical importance," he said.

His partnership was particularily interested in the Rockville station not only because of its proximity, but also because "in this area (Rockville), most of the old buildings have been torn down," or are already owned by the county or local governments and the price is usually prohibitive.

Besides, he said, "it's fun doing something out of the ordinary."

After further interior renovations, the Publishing Group plans to use the station for office space with the former freight area available for community use. There are stipulations in the sale contract to preserve the station's exterior and only allow restoration work. Duane, Elliott & Associates will be involved in the restoration project.

Allen Long, the acting director of public affairs with WMATA, says the formal award to ADM is being processed.

Metro received eight bids on the building. Other bidders proposed using the facility for insurance or law offices or for a restaurant.