Local inventor Eugene Williams Sr. has obtained a patent (No. 4,255,872) on an "audiovisual interview portfolio" that provides a different approach to the job-interview process.

The invention, which looks like an attache case, enables the job applicant to present his or her qualifications on audio and video cassette as well as on paper. It consists of a portfolio containing a notebook for writings held inside a large pocket; several looseleaf cards or holders for visual slides, and a pocket for audio and video cassettes.

Williams said he conceived the idea for his patent -- which received mention in the popular job-hunting manual "What Color Is Your Parachute?" -- while working in 1972 as a student-teacher supervisor at Howard University.

Williams also has been a senior research scientist at Laurence Johnson & Associates here and an administrator with the D.C. public schools and the Sojourner Douglass College in Baltimore. He presently is with Associates for Renewal in Education here.

Williams said he has submitted his invention for marketing consideration by American University, the Amway Corp. and Sears, Roebuck and Co.

The prototype for Williams' invention is expected to cost about $500. It will retail for about $60.

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