November 16, 1982

To: Arnold B.

From: Charlie D.

Re: Your recent memo on cost efficiencies

Sorry, but I seem to have lost my copy. Please send me another.

November 23, 1982

To: Arnold B.

From: Charlie D.

Re: Missing memo on efficiency

Haven't received a reply to my request of November 16 for another copy of your efficiency memo. My copy disappeared, and I need another ASAP.

November 26, 1982

To: Charlie D.

From: Arnold B.

Re: Another copy of missing memo

Sorry for the delay, but I never received your November 16 request. Here's another copy of the memo you're looking for. (Incidentally, I know the original got to you -- I have your answer already.)

enclosure (1)

November 30, 1982

To: Arnold B.

From: Charlie D.

Re: Still-missing memo

Thanks for sending the copy of your memo of November 8. Unfortunately, that's not the one I'm looking for. The one that disappeared had detailed cost data on Project X. It was dated around the first of the month, I would guess. Urgently need that data.

December 2, 1982

To: Charlie D.

From: Arnold B.

Re: Project X cost data

This information was never part of a memo from me. It probably came from Edgar F.

December 6, 1982

To: Arnold B. and Charlie D.

From: Grace H. (secretary to Arnold B.)

Re: Telephone

Invented by A. G. Bell. Available at our company since early 1900s. Transmits message instantaneously. Allows immediate questions and clarifications -- re what memo has been lost, for example, and what information is really needed. Sometimes a single brief phone call can replace a half dozen memos, saving several person-hours expended in dictating, typing, mail sorting, mail delivery and reading . . . as well as speeding up receipt of desired data.

Do you think it might have applicability to our operations?

cc: Irving J. (secretary to Charlie D.)

P.S. Please don't reply in writing.