PRC Engineering, one of the four operating groups of Planning Research Corp. of McLean, has been awarded a $2 million contract for master planning and engineering design work on the expansion of four ports in Indonesia.

The project will be financed by the World Bank as part of a plan to upgrade Indonesian ports into a series of collector and gateway trunk ports.

Gateway ports are to help increase the nation's non-oil exports while collector ports are designed make commerce between Indonesia's islands more efficent.

Bank officials declined to discuss specifics of the loan because it has not yet been approved by the board of directors but said that the bank's financing on the entire project will be approximately $100 million and used to cover only eight of the projects.

PRC spokesman Marvin G. Katz said the project is an example of PRC's engineering division's efforts to "focus more on international work." He said the company made a decision in late 1980 to concentrate more on international work because it was then apparent that "the domestic work was drying up."

Recent agreements by international lending and financial institutions:

Export-Import Bank

* A $12.2 million credit and a $1.6 million private loan guarantee to assist in the purchase of $14.4 million of equipment to expand the rolling mill portion of an aluminum plant in Venezuela. The U.S. company involved will be Hunter Engineering Co., Riverdale, Calif.

World Bank

* A reduction in the one time, front end fee that the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development charges on loans from 1.5 percent to 0.75 percent.

* A $33.5 million loan to Peru to expand primary health care training and facilities.

* A $110 million loan to Bangladesh to help finance public and private sector imports.

* A $6.4 million credit to Djibouti for a three-year road improvement and maintenence program.

* A $9 million credit to Haiti to assist in the educational reform and the revision of the primary education curriculum.

* A $2.4 million credit to Equatorial Guinea to provide technical assistance for petroleum exploration and to establish a energy sector information system.

* A public offering of approximately $78.4 million Bank bonds in association with a group of commissioned companies headed by the Industrial Bank of Japan Ltd. The bonds, to be called the 8.3 percent bonds of 1982, 17th series, will be priced at 99.95 percent and will have a final maturity date of Dec. 8, 1994. They will be redeemed at par.

* A $17 million loan to Jordan to establish a modern sewage system in an industrial area near the nation's capital city of Amman.

* A $13.5 million credit to Liberia to help improve primary education.

* A $10.4 million credit to Mali from the Bank's affiliate for concessionary lending to strengthen economic management.

* A $105 million loan to Zimbabwe to establish a comprehensive power project to service the industrial, mining and agricultural sectors of that nation's economy.

International Monetary Fund

* An agreement to provide 547 million special drawing rights from the fund's resources to the Peoples Republic of Hungary.

Inter-American Development Bank

* A syndicated loan in Japan for approximately $59.3 million. The loan will carry an 0.2 percent interest rate over the Japanese long-term prime rate, currently at 8.7 percent.

* Two loans totaling $31.3 million to Peru to help carry out the third stage of an urban potable water and sewage project. Of the total $21.8 million will be from the fund for special operations and $9.5 million will be from the bank's ordinary capital.

* A $28 million loan to Guatemala to finance a program to develop primary education in rural areas.

* A $102 million loan to Brazil to help expand power transmission in the northeast section of that country.