With a week to go until Christmas, we have picked up the pace nicely. Our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital is homing in on $100,000, a cheery sum indeed.

But around the paper-strewn slum they call my office, we think of that 100 thou as the first of its kind. We are hoping for three more just like it, which would make the 1982-83 campaign the largest ever by a considerable margin.

However, we aren't going to be fruitful and multiply our "take" without help from you readers -- lots of you, as many of you as possible. We hope that you'll take a moment and send a check or money order today.

As I have said, even $5 will help. And you probably won't miss it. After all, five bucks is about what a movie or a half-hour in a video games arcade costs these days. When you think of it that way, it doesn't sound like an awful lot.

Here are the totals as they stand this morning:

Grand total to date: $62,568.12.

Total given this week: $26,186.60.

Individual donors to date: 1,280.

Group donors to date: 111.

For those of you keeping score, the grand total after three weeks of the 1981-82 campaign stood at $29,019.28, far less than what we have raised in the same period this year.

But this is no time for overconfidence, or resting on laurels. While the Christmas spirit is upon you, why not share a little of it with a sick child at Children's? You will make his holiday a little brighter in the process, and you will help make possible the care and the research that will get him well, and get him home, a little faster.