The approach of a new year (already!) has inspired (or cowed or startled) me into formulating some possible job-related resolutions for 1983. Here they are, with appropriate thoughts on each:

* To expedite all minor matters quickly, rather than letting some of them pile up.

Why let something trivial turn into a last-minute crisis?

* To spend more time considering long-term problems, objectives and strategies and less on day-to-day affairs.

You can't get where you ought to be unless you know where you're going.

* To establish closer personal rapport with a lot of the people I deal with . . . taking more time for sociable lunches, drinks after work and personal conversation at the office.

People want to be appreciated for themselves and not just as cogs in a corporate machine.

* To be more efficient, avoiding distractions and nonproductive interludes as much as possible.

Even if I improve, there will be more I want to accomplish in my job than I can find time for.

* To be outspoken more often about decisions I disagree with.

I've made more blunders over the years when I've quietly gone along with decisions I thought were wrong than when I've continued to advocate alternatives.

* To be more politic and ingratiating with my superiors.

After all, I've seen a lot of "yes men" reach greater heights in the business world.

* To be more meticulous in maintaining high standards in everything I work on.

"If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right." Right?

* To work a little harder.

As conscientious as I've been, I know I could have put forth a little more effort, a little more creativity, a little more initiative and done myself a little prouder on the job.

* To devote more time and energy to my family and my other nonbusiness interests.

The most satisfying life is a well-rounded one.

Which resolutions will I actually make or, more important, carry through on? I don't know yet. But looking at how many are mutually exclusive -- and the juggling act they represent -- I do know what I want from Santa Claus: 36-hour days.

I guess I'll think about my resolutions after Christmas. I'm too busy right now.