The board of directors of Reynolds Metals Co. in Richmond has established an "office of the chairman.".

David P. Reynolds, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Reynolds Metals, said the members of the chairman's office will consist of himself; John E. Blomquist as vice chairman; William O. Bourke as president and chief operating officer, and William S. Leonhardt, vice chairman and chief financial officer.

"The office of chairman," Reynolds said, "is one of guidance, policy-making and strategic and long-range planning and development. In addition, the office will necessarily provide overall direction and control of the company's affairs."

Reynolds was elected the company's chairman and chief executive officer in 1976.

Blomquist becomes vice chairman after having served since 1978 as president and chief executive officer. He joined the company in 1940 and has served on the board of directors since 1966.

Leonhardt was elected to the board of directors in 1976 and was elected vice chairman and chief financial officer in 1979.

Bourke joined the company as executive vice president in 1981 and was elected a director last year. He was previously executive vice president of North American automotive operations at Ford Motor Co. and a member of its board of directors. Pictures 1 through 4, Chairman David Reynolds, Vice Chairman John Blomquist, President William Burke, Vice Chairman William Leonhardt.