USAir has reorganized into a holding company, USAir Group Inc., to give the airline flexibility for possible expansion, company officials announced last week, though they said USAir has no such immediate plans.

The airline will be operated by USAir Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary of USAir Group. All stockholders of USAir are now stockholders of USAir Group.

The Washington-based airline also announced the sale of three Boeing 727 jets to a Venezuelan airline, Aerovia Venezolanas S.A., for an undisclosed price.

The planes will be delivered to the Venzuelan airline, known as AVENZA, this month and next, and USAir will receive an AVENZA DC-9 jet as part of the purchase agreement. The DC-9 will be resold, USAir Vice President Richard L. Spaulding said.

The jets are the first three of 11 Boeing 727s the airline is trying to sell, spokesman Jack King said. An earlier agreement to sell two of the jets to the new St. Louis airline Air One failed, he said, when Air One was unable to exercise a purchase option and forfeited a nonrefundable deposit.

The eight remaining Boeing 727s are on the market, King said, as the airline converts to a fleet of later-generation Boeing 737s. USAir received six 737s last year and has nine more on order.