Eastman Kodak Co., the giant photography and chemicals company, reported yesterday that, despite a 5 percent sales increase in 1982, net earnings slipped 6 percent, largely because of exchange rate fluctuations.

Net earnings were $1.16 billion ($7.12 a share), down from $1.24 billion ($7.66) in 1981. Worldwide sales were $10.81 billion, up from $10.34 billion in 1981.

However, net earnings and sales for the fourth quarter of 1982 jumped 15 and 17 percent, respectively.

Net earnings were $428.9 million ($2.61), up from $371.4 million ($2.28). Sales were $3.59 billion, up from $3.07 billion in the fourth quarter of 1981.

The fourth-quarter totals include an additional two months' sales by photographic subsidiaries outside the United States and Canada. That step was taken to align reporting periods more closely.

Coca-Cola Co. reported that 1982 net income rose 14.6 percent to $512.2 million ($3.95 a share) from $447.1 million ($3.62) in 1981. Revenues for 1982 were $6.25 billion, a 6.1 percent increase over 1981 revenues of $5.9 billion.

For the 1982 fourth quarter, the Atlanta-based beverage and entertainment company said net income was $121.3 million (89 cents) on revenues of $1.67 billion, up from $106.23 million (86 cents) on revenues of $1.4 billion.