With posters of Washington Redskin quarterback and Canon camera spokesman Joe Theismann hanging nearby, the United States Football League today unveiled marketing designed to keep spring football and the new league in the public eye.

At a luncheon attended by advertisers, reporters, league officials, players, executives, marketeers and others, the USFL displayed marketing products similar to those that tie in with the older National Football League.

There were USFL pencil sharpeners, posters, magazines, films, uniforms, hats, stadium seats, cameras, and beer advertisements--all designed to demonstrate the USFL's big-league football and marketing capabilities.

Soon there will be the Miller High Life award for the USFL's most valuable player to go with the Canon U.S.A. Inc. official USFL camera, and the licensing agreement making Champion Products Inc. the official maker of USFL sweatshirts and shorts, for example. In all, the league has announced 30 such licensing agreements.

It is the presence of big-league advertisers, such as Canon and Miller Brewing Co., and national broadcasters, such as American Broadcasting Cos. Inc., which has both television and radio rights to the league's games, and the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN), which also will televise other USFL games on cable systems, that the league is eager to display.

The new league's acquisition of college football star Herschel Walker was already being used to help sell the USFL's products, such as T-shirts with Walker's number. The signing of Walker also helped sell radio and television advertising time.