The University of Pennsylvania denied yesterday that it has chosen a successor to Donald C. Carroll as dean of the Wharton School.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that a university selection committee had decided to offer the position at the business school to Russell E. Palmer, chief executive officer of Touche Ross International, one of the nation's Big Eight accounting firms.

Sources on the selection committee said Wednesday night that the panel had agreed on Palmer, following meetings with him earlier this month, but had not made a final offer to him because he was out of the country. The selection must be approved by university President Sheldon Hackney, but that is expected to be a formality, university sources said.

Mark Levenson, a university spokesman, said yesterday, "The school has not offered the job to Palmer. We ourselves haven't agreed on anything, let alone agreed with any party. We are talking to one or more people. We do not know what the outcome of those negotiations will be."

Levenson would not comment on whether Palmer is among the candidates. He also had no comment on the report that Federal Reserve Chairman Paul A. Volcker had been among those under consideration. Carroll plans to resign as dean in June.

"Substantive issues remain in the negotiations," Levenson said. "I can't say who we are negotiating with."

Touche Ross had no comment on the report.