Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president, has been the only president so far to ever be granted a patent. Lincoln received Patent No. 6,469 on May 22, 1849, for a patent entitled Manner of Bouying Vessels. The purpose of the invention was to provide means of permitting a vessel to pass over bars or through shallow water. One claim was granted to Lincoln. So far as can be determined, Lincoln never did anything with the patent. He received it 12 years before he became president.

John E. Torbert Jr. of National City, Calif., was granted Patent No. 2,079,053 on May 4, 1937, for a "novelty" whose first of nine claims reads: "A windshield means for mounting the windshield at the rear of a horse, and a wiper for the windshield having operating means adapted to be acuated by movement of a portion of the horse."

Torbert perhaps never heard of automobiles and still thought the horse was the only means of transportation in 1937.

Recent U.S. patents granted to residents of the District, Maryland and Virginia: District of Columbia

Design: Marilyn M. Stern of District of Columbia. Couch. Patent No. 268,236. Term of 14 years. Maryland

Norman R. Hall of Dupont Heights. Convertible Mat and Carrying Bag Combination. Patent No. 4,375,111. 6 Claims.

John S. Pedgonay of Aberdeen. Muzzle Control Thoughts Application of Torque Derived From Recoil Energy. Patent No. 4,375.136. 15 Claims.

Gerald L. McDonald of Chevy Chase. Guard for Insolating Recessed Ceiling Lights From Combustible Insulation. Patent No. 4,375,142. 7 Claims.

Joseph F. Godewski of Cresaptown. Motar Stop for Hollow Block Foundation Walls With Attached Locator Tab. Patent No. 4,375,143. 5 Claims.

John A. Barto of Baltimore. Reciprocating Therman Actuator With Hydraulic Multiplier. Patent No. 4,375,152. 24 Claims.

Robert S. Eppley of Reisterstown. Portable Air Test Kit and System. Patent No. 4,375,162. 17 Claims.

Alfred A. Zucchi of Severna Park and Frank E. Alyoz of Baltimore and John W. Hughes of Columbia. Sliding Compression Air Seal for Removable Electronic Units. Patent No. 4,375,2900. 20 Claims.

Francis W. Henry Jr. of Glen Burni and Merrill Wood Jr. of Baltimore. Resinous Petroleum Residue Refractory Binders. Patent No. 4,375,626. 5 Claims.

Hugh P. McAdams Jr. of Port Deposit et al. Cant Angle Sensor Assembly. Patent No. 4,375,727. 3 Claims.

Samuel D. Love of Brandywine. Variable Fireplace Screen and Insert. Patent No. 4,375,803. 5 Claims.

William A. Picco of Tantallon. Portable Golf Equipment Case. Patent No. 4,375,847. 11 Claims.

Samuel I. Sachs of Columbia. Alternate Method for Inducing Superplastic Properties in Nonsuperplastic Metal and Alloy Powders. Patent No. 4,375,994. 18 Claims.

Pradeep M. Bhagwat of Baltimore et al. DC-Side Commutated Inverter. Patent No. 4,376,296. 4 Claims.

George B. Davus Jr. of Baltimore. Access Port for Commode. Patent No. 4,376,313. 10 Claims.

George B. Davus Jr. of Bethesda. Hand-held Pneumatic Caulking Gun. Patent No. 4,376,498. 30 Claims.

John R. Colston of Annapolis. Seawater Hydraulic Vane-Type Motor. Patent No. 4,376,620. 9 Claims.

Kamal E. Amin of Columbia. Method for Inducing Superplastic Properties in Nonsuperplastic Metal and Alloy Powders. Patent No. 4,376,660. 27 Claims.

John Ward of Crofton, Robert Austin of Crownsville and Anthony Genovese of Baltimore. Formation of Hollow Tapered Brush Bristles. Patent No. 4,376,746. 9 Claims.

Lawrence E. Dickens of Baltimore and Paul H. Mountcastle of Glen Burnie. Microwave Coupler With High Insolation and High Directivity. Patent No. 4,376,921. 6 Claims.

Alex F. Druash of Seabrook et al. Safety Razor Kit. Patent No. 4,377,034. 7 Claims.

David J. Granlund of Rockville. Device and Method for Controlled Freezing of Cell Cultures. Patent No. 4,377,077. 15 Claims.

William F. Sidclar of Towson. Homokinetic Universal Joint. Patent No. 4,377,385. 11 Claims.

John C. Buschmann of Columbia et al. Shaped Cementitious Products. Patent No. 4,377,414. 26 Claims.

Michael K. Koreno of Rockville. Duct and Cladding Alloy. Patent No. 4,377,553. 2 Claims.

Raymond Johnson of Columbia. Generation of Microaerophilic Atmosphere. Patent No. 4,377,554. 6 Claims.

James L. Guthrie of Ashton and Suze F. Arquette of Columbia. Dimensionally Stable Polyurethane Sponge and Sponge Forming Prepolymer. Patent No. 4,377,645. 16 Claims.

Otakar A. Horna of Bethesda. Digital Adaptive Finite Impulse Response Filter With Large Number of Coefficients. Patent No. 4,377, 793. 14 Claims.

David H. Mooney Jr. of Arnold and Keith A. Harriger of Ellicott City. Medium Pre-Pulse Doppler Radar having Simplified Ground Moving Target Rejection Capabilities. Patent No. 4,377.811. 9 Claims.

Joseph W. Gams of Resisterstown. Hpledown System for Horticultural Plastic Sheet. Patent No. 4,377,919. 13 Claims.

Samuel H. Macrum of Frederick. Tilting Carrier System. Patent No. 4,378,062. 1 Claim.

Robert P. Wagster and Russell Pizzuto, both of Easton. Workpiece Support and Clamping Assembly. Patent No. 4,378,107. 4 Claims.

Arthur E. Clark and Henry S. Belson, both of Adelphi. Conversion Between Magnetic Energy and Mechanical Energy. Patent No. 4,378,258. 18 Claims.

Donald L. Tankersley of Rockville. Intravenously Injectable Solution of Plasma Protein Fraction Free From Bradykinin, Kininogen and Prekallikrein Activators and Processes for its Production. Patent No. 4,378,346. 11 Claims.

William S. Arnold Jr. and Louis M. Borowicz Jr., both of Baltimore and Lawrence M. Rackson of Lutherville. Self-Supporting Aerial Cable and Method of Making Same. Patent No. 4,378,462. 5 Claims.

Glenn E. Spangler of Lutherville, Donald N. Campbell of Timonium and Stanley Seeb of Baltimore. Chemical Conversion for Ion Mobility Detectors Using Surface Interactions. Patent No. 4,378,499. 8 Claims.

Frank H. Hoffmann of Wheaton. Camera Interface. Patent No. 4,378,572. 6 Claims.

Design: Raymond T. Paszkiewicz of Baltimore. Jewelry Cabinet. Patent No. 268,387. For term of 14 years. Virginia

Eileen W. Fenrich and Elizabeth S. Garcia both of Springfield. Jogger's Identification Tag, Patent No. 4,375,133. 3 Claims.

Gordon C. Speck of Garrisonburg. Automotive Vehicle Bracket. Patent No. 4,375,268. 6 Claims.

Norman C. Koon of Alexandria and Albert I. Schindler of Silver Spring. Use of Cubic Rare Earth-Iron Laves Phase Intermetallic Compounds as Magnetostrictive Transducer Materials. Patent No. 4,375,372. 6 Claims.

Gordon Green and Robert J. Mattauch, both of Charlottesville. Thin Wire Pointing Method. Patent No. 4,375,396. 7 Claims.

Keith A. Schimel of Norfolk. Methods for the Treatment of Organic Material and Particularly Sewage Sludge. Patent No. 4,375,412.

Irwin Schneider; William C. Collins, both of Alexandria; Oscar Imber of Wheaton and Phillip H. Klein of Silver Spring. Photodichroic Crystals. Patent No. 4,375,429. 8 Claims.

Paul M. Hergenrother of Yorktown. Polyphenylquinoxalines Containing Pendant Phenylethynyl and Ethynyl Groups. Patent No. 4,375,536. 22 Claims.

Charles E. Konrad of Roanoke. Shunt-Wound Control for On-Road Vehicle. Patent No. 4,375,603. 10 Claims.

Robert A. Budd of Norfolk. Adapter for Fishing Rod Holder. Patent No. 4,375,731. 3 Claims.

Alfred B. Levine of Arlington. Photocopier System With Portable Detachable Reader. Patent No. 4,375,916. 12 Claims.

Gary Brooker of Charlottsville, et al. Aminobenzlpropranolol and Pharmaceutical Preparation Thereof. Patent No. 4,376,125 3 Claims.

David P. Maddox of Martinsville. Process for Coloring Maple Wood and Maple Veneer. Patent No. 4,376, 141. 2 Claims.

Thomas G. Giallorenzi of Springfield and George H. Siegel Jr. of Great Falls. Fiber Optical Magnetic Field Sensor Using Magnetostrictive Material. Patent No. 4,376,248. 17 Claims.

William G. Soper of King George. Shock Simulator. Patent No. 4,376,388. 10 Claims.

Wayne H. Allard of Great Falls. Shock Simulator. Patent No. 4,376,388. 10 Claims.

Daniel J. Schardein of Richmond. Selective Coating for Solar Collectors. Patent No. 4,376,801. 6 Claims.

Robert M. Marshall of Chester. Finish Composition for Polyester Yarn. Patent No. 4,376,802. 42 Claims.

Irwin A. Braude of Springfield. Production of Human Ifn-Y (Immude). Patent No. 4,376,822. 13 Claims.

Melvin H. Decker of Alexandria. Multiposition Switch. Patent No. 4,376,877. 9 Claims.

Achintya K. Ganguly; Kenneth L. Davis, both of Alexandria, and Kwo R. Chu of Annandale. S lid-State Cyclotron Maser. Patent No. 4,376,917. 10 Claims.

Gerald E. Kovalenko of Springfield. Dual Dependent Stores Ejector Assembly for Angular Rate and Position Control. Patent No. 4,377,103. 16 Claims.

John D. Mayhew Jr. of Roanoke. Knife Gate Valve. Patent No. 4,377,274. 14 Claims.

Paul E. Barrick and George L. Zarur, both of Springfield. Organic Sludge Dewartering Process. Patent No. 4,377,486. 19 Claims.

Mark D. LaVanture and George L. Walker, both of Richmond. Clarification of Black Phosphoric Acid With Phosphoric Acid Rinse Water. Patent No. 4,377,561. 6 Claims.

Yino-Ho Chen of Richmond. 2-Phenyl-4- Cis-2,5-Dimethyl-4-(2-Pyridinyl)-1-Piperazinyl Quinazoline. Patent No. 4,377,582.

Martin V. Wilson of Barboursville, et al. Terminal Trainer Keyboard and Display Apparatus for Teaching Keyboard Operations and Knowledge Items. Patent No. 4,378,217. 19 Claims.

Thomas G. Giallorenzi of Springfield. Optical Fiber Magnetic Field Sensor With Therman and Acoustic Isolation. Patent No. 4,378,561. 4 Claims.

Humphrey Morton of Danville. Tool Organizer. Patent No. 268,306. Term of 14 years.

William D. Mallon of Centerville. Battery Holder. Patent No. 268,341. Term of 14 years.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of property rights granted the inventor.

Copies of any of the above patents can be obtained from the Patent & Trademark Office for 50 cents each by addressing orders to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, Washington, D.C. 20231.

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