WETA, Channel 26, has found more fuel to run its campaign for computer literacy. The latest source is a 10-part series of weekly half-hour courses, called The Computer Programme, developed by the British Broadcasting Co.

The series is designed to introduce computers and computing to beginners and to those who, despite their best efforts to overcome the malady, still suffer from technophobia.

The computer series begins on WETA April 23 at 4:30 p.m.

The Computer Programme, which focuses primarily on microcomputers, represents WETA's second attempt to demystify the world of bytes and chips. The first effort was a series called Making It Count, which began in January.

Making it count "is the single most popular telecourse ever to be aired by Channel 26; more than 500 students enrolled in college and university credit courses in conjunction with the series, and over 2,500 viewer phone calls were received," according to a WETA description of the first computer program.

The Computer Programme will use a combination of graphic demonstrations, simulations and animation, and expert commentary to answer basic questions about computers. WETA officials said the program is bereft of technospeak--terms such as "interface"--and will rely on "understandable and familiar terms" to educate its audience.