STUDENT: Thanks for seeing me when I suppose you're pretty busy.

EXECUTIVE: No problem. Our vice president's wish is my command.

STUDENT: Old George is a dear, isn't he? He treats me like family, instead of just his kid's roommate.

EXECUTIVE: He's a . . . a dear indeed. And he says you're considering a career in our business.

STUDENT: That's right. I'm trying to see if it would suit me . . . if it's a place I could relate to.

EXECUTIVE: It seems you're practically related already. Little joke. But tell me about yourself. You'll graduate from college in June?

STUDENT: May, actually . . . if I pass everything.

EXECUTIVE: And what's your major?

STUDENT: Fine arts.

EXECUTIVE: That may not be the best kind of preparation for our business, I'm afraid. What sort of job were you thinking of?

STUDENT: Well, I don't exactly know. I'm willing to start at the bottom.

EXECUTIVE: That sounds appropriate. But don't you have anything in mind?

STUDENT: Advertising, maybe. I did some posters for the glee club that my friends thought were terrific. And they even counted as homework. Want to see one?

EXECUTIVE: I just can't wait.

STUDENT: Here. Sorry I had to fold it like that.

EXECUTIVE: It's very unusual. And what was it for?

STUDENT: The glee club concert. If you look real close down in the corner, it tells.

EXECUTIVE: And that's your advertising experience?

STUDENT: Well, most of my art is abstract. But I'm into writing, too. You should see my diary.

EXECUTIVE: You want me to look at that?

STUDENT: Of course not. It's too personal. But writing is one of my things. And communicating with people is, you know, essential. In any job, I think. Putting your best foot forward, so to speak.

EXECUTIVE: And that's one of your fortes?

STUDENT: Well, it just comes naturally, I guess. I'd be good at doing public relations, too. Of course I don't have as much experience in that.

EXECUTIVE: Not like your background in advertising.

STUDENT: No, but I know I'd be good at it. Or selling--I'd be good at that, too. Of course, your products may be a little technical for me. If I don't pass freshman math this time around I won't graduate with my class. What about advertising or public relations? Is there a job I could start in? To see how I liked it?

EXECUTIVE: I hate to tell you this, but we use an outside agency for both advertising and p.r. In my job I direct them, but we don't have anything in the way of an entry-level position within the company.

STUDENT: Maybe I could go to work for them instead. Do you suppose I could see somebody there? Could you arrange it?

EXECUTIVE: I certainly could. They're as responsive to me as I am to Old George.