U.S. patents granted during April to residents of the District, Virginia and Maryland: Maryland

Eugene R. Cocco of Baltimore, telephone cord having braided outer jacket. No. Re. 31,197. 6 Claims.

Michael J. Volk of Severna Park, ripper attachment for multi-purpose woodworking power tool guide table. No. 4,378,716. 12 Claims.

Paul W. Proctor of White Plains and Robert L. Dow of La Plata, electromagnetic and electrostatic insensitive blasting caps, squibs and detonators. No. 4,378,738. 8 Claims.

Luciano Pasqualucci of Shady Side, clutch drum retainer. No. 4,378,867. 12 Claims.

Judson D. Reed of Silver Spring, umbrella support for use in vehicles. No. 4,378,888. 17 Claims.

Roger P. Sonneville of Annapolis, elastically yieldable device for fixing a rail on a support. No. 4,378,910. 14 Claims.

Robert A. Fifer of Bel Air and James E. Cole of Aberdeen, catalysts for nitramine propellants. No. 4,379.007. 11 Claims.

Craigenne A. Williams and Milan Wickerhauser, both of Bethesda, heat stabilization of plasma proteins. No. 4,379,085. 10 Claims.

Edgar A. Simpson of Serverna Park, method of preparing a monolithic structure having flow channels. No. 4,379,109. 8 Claims.

Scott B. Rosenthal of Gaithersburg, optical arrangement for quantitative analysis instrument utilizing pulsed radiation emitting diodes. No. 4,379,233. 6 Claims.

John R. Boykin of Arnold, coherent phase shift keyed demodulator for power line communication systems. No. 4,379,284. 7 Claims.

Bernard L. Lewis of Oxon Hill and Frank F. Kretschmer of Laurel, low sidelobe pulse compressor. No. 4,379,295. 6 Claims.

Frederick G. Farrar and Daniel H. Schaubert, both of Silver Spring, selectable-mode miscrostrip antenna and selectable-mode miscrostrip antenna arrays. No. 4,379,296. 13 Claims.

George E. Sanner of Sparks, sprinkler flow control systems. No. Re. 31,204. 49 Claims.

Marvin S. Townsend of Fort Washington, automatic dispenser for rinse-water additive. No. 4,379,515. 10 Claims.

Edwin C. Hardesty of Perry Hall, modular cord coupler jack having a disconnection encumbrance. No. 4,379,609. 36 Claims.

Martha E. Phillips of Baltimore, connector system for geodesic dome struts. No. 4,379,649. 1 Claim.

Shiow C. Lin of Columbia, cyanourea compounds or polymers thereof as epoxy resin curing agents. Patent Ntent No. 268,729.

Francis W. Henry Jr. and Subrata Banerjee, both of Glen Burnie, plugging refractory material having resin binder system. No. 4,379,866. 28 claims.

Bahram Siadat and Joseph W. Raksis, both of Columbia, cationic latices and No. 4,378,756. 2 Claims.

David C. Zecher of Frederick, chemically initiated inverse emulsion polymerization with salt. No. 4,379,883. 10 claims.

Richard L. Stuart of Columbia, et al. communication system providing simultaneous two-way transmission. No. 4,380,062. 17 Claims.

Calvert B. Tolley and Andrew T. Tolley, both of Wingate, crab processing machine. No. 4,380,094. 1 Claim.

John E. McGrath of Glen Burnie, et al. balloon clip. No. 4,380,103. 8 Claims.

John B. Petaway of Suitland, et al. quick release fire hose cabinet. No. 4,380,269. 2 Claims.

James F. Murray and Geneva A. Murray, both of Baltimore, yarn holder and method of separating yarn by color. No. 4,380,296. 7 Claims.

Lionel S. Sandell of Hagerstown, stabilization of water-bearing explosives having a thickened continuous aqueous phase. No. 4,380,482. 26 Claims.

Michael D. Orlando and Jean M. Riley, both of Frederick, preparation of dry variola virus. No. 4,380,582. 1 Claim.

Richard B. Segar of Annapolis, et al. electronic calorie counter. No. 4,380,802. 13 Claims

Frank A. Loving Jr., of Hagerstown, et al. loading of wellbores. No. 4,380,948. 9 Claims.

George Mon of Silver Spring, fluidic-controlled oxygen intermittent demand flow device. No. 4,381,002. 6 Claims.

Andrew R. Becker of Ellicott City, filter bag weighted holder. No. 4,381,039. 2 Claims.

Peter B. Ulrich of Oxon Hill, et al. power meter for high energy lasers. No. 4,381,148. 10 Claims.

Henry D. Obler of Lanham, variable speed drive. No. 4,381,174. 15 Claims.

Richard J. Nozemack of Reisterstown, Chang W. Chi of Columbia and John J. Schwonke of Brooklandville, binderless zeolite extrudates and method of producing. No. 4,381,255. 9 Claims.

Darrell E. Hildebrandt of Baltimore, method of producing binderless zeolite extrudates. No. 4,381,256. 8 Claims.

Glenn E. Fulmer of Clarksville and Louis L. Wood of Rockville, adhesive and resulting nonwoven fabric. No. 4,381,332. 26 Claims.

Francis W. Henry Jr., of Glen Burnie, Henry E. Anthonis, III of Annapolis and Subrata Banerjee of Glen Burnie, resorcinol polymer bonded taphole mix and specialty materials. No. 4,381,355. 20 Claims.Md. Design Patents*

Frank Sylvia of Columbia, solder extractor. No. 268,474.

Jean C. Fielder of Silver Spring, combined power supply, tool holder and support. No. 268,642.

Charles A. Brown of Cheverly, hand tool for permitting removal of swing arms from a centrifugal clutch. No. 268,729. Virginia

Ernest E. Grimsley of Portsmouth, apparatus for holding valve element and refinishing tool. No. 4,378,661. 8 Claims.

Patrick W. Whiteman of Reston, animal bedding, process and apparatus for preparing the same. No. 4,378,756. 2 Claims.

Albert D. Cale Jr. of Mechanicsville, 3-phenoxyazetidines for anorexigenic activity. No. 4,379,151. 4 Claims.

Lawson P. Mosteller Jr., of Springfield, light-intensity control device and circuit. No. 4,379,237. 17 Claims.

D. Louise Wu, and James W. Swaim, both of Richmond, cooked flavors for smoking products. No. 4,379,464. 12 Claims.

Richard C. Dickerson of Virginia Beach, vinyl acetate purification process. No. 4,379,940. 13 Claims.

Archibald L. Fripp of Williamsburg, James B. Robertson and Roger A. Breckenridge, both of Yorktown, pyroelectric dector arrays. No. 4,379,970. 5 Claims.

Edwin N. Whitehead of Alexandria, magnetically coded identification card. No. Re. 31,211. 12 Claims.

James F. Lapp of Richmond, et al. apparatus and method for feeding and collecting continuous web material. No. Re. 31,210. 12 Claims.

A. Erich Baitis of Stafford, et al. ship roll stabilization system. No. 4,380,206. 7 Claims.

Max N. Yoder of Falls Church, high-performance bipolar microwave transistor. No. 4,380,774. 4 Claims.

Fred C. Lee of Blacksburg and Roy A. Carter of Salem, base drive circuit for a four-terminal power darlington. No. 4,380,795. 6 Claims.

John W. Ayres, and Harold S. James, both of Lynchburg, reset circuit for zero force touch probe. No. 4,380,873. 1 Claim.

Hermann J. Spitzer of Lorton, combined solar collector and storage pond. No. 4,380,993. 14 Claims.

Nicholas T. Kern of Covington, apparatus for testing combustibility of wood pulp blow gases. No. 4,381,218. 2 Claims.

Lewis A. Walton of Lynchburg, control component structure. No. 4,381,283. 4 Claims.

Robert L. Fournier and Priscilla J. Fournier, both of Arlington, method of making a pizza. No. 4,381,317. 4 Claims.

Harold N. Spurlock of Petersburg, process for the preparation of urea-formaldehyde resins. No. 4,381,368. 2 Claims. Va. Design Patents*

Raul Novo of Richmond, athletic supporter. No. 268,454.

Ralph Ives of Lovettsville, christmas tree stand. No. 268,459.

Wayne C. Heatwole of Dumfries, jewelry pendant or the like. No. 268,569.

Larry W. Lewis of Richmond, eyeglasses. No. 268,766. District

Maxine W. Snowden, rain hat. No. 4,378,606. 8 Claims.

Andrew Jones, Jr., game device. No. 4,380,339. 15 Claims. D.C. Design Patent*

John Daugherty, rotatable game board. No. 268,771. NOTES:

*=For a term of 14 years.

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