Michael B. Esstman has been named vice president for the eastern region of Continental Telecom Inc. Esstman was formerly controller of Continental Telecom.

Robert O. McBride has been named director of business operations of Media General Cable of Fairfax Inc. McBride was formerly senior project manager for business systems of Media General Inc. of Richmond, parent company of Media General Cable.

Edvin V. Farinholt has been promoted to vice president and general manager, national network, with Satellite Business Systems. F. Thomas Tuttle has been promoted to vice president and regulatory and industry relations counsel.

Mary Jane McKinven has been named director of the public information department of the Public Broadcasting Service. McKinven was formerly an editorial associate of PBS.

Susan Fifer Canby has been promoted to director of the National Geographic Society's library. She succeeds Virginia Carter Hills, who is retiring after about 40 years with the library. Patricia M. Smith has been named associate director.

Martin B. Gold has been promoted to senior vice president of Gray and Co. Gold was formerly a vice president of Gray and Co. and counsel to Senate Majority Leader Howard H. Baker Jr.

G. Colburn Aker has formed Aker Associates, a communications consulting firm in Washington. Aker recently resigned as vice president and counsel of the Washington office of Hill and Knowlton Inc.

Bill Brobst has been named manager of public relations of Southern Pacific Satellite Co. of McLean. Brobst was formerly manager of media relations of Comsat.

Nancy Glick, Charlotte Sterling and Neal Gregory have been promoted to vice presidents of Hill and Knowlton Inc. Glick will also continue as director of consumer affairs.

Dan Snyder has been named a senior associate and art director with the public relations firm Porter, Novelli & Associates.

Lisa Myers has been named director of marketing with Levy, Zimberg & Associates, a Bethesda advertising and public relations firm.