Elliott Bredhoff has been elected to the board of directors of the American Arbitration Association. Bredhoff is a senior partner in the Washington law firm Bredhoff and Kaiser and serves as counsel to the AFL-CIO's industrial union department, the United Steelworkers of America and the National Industrial Group Pension Plan. He is also president of the National Resource Center for Consumers of Legal Services.

Michael E. Nail has been named executive director of the Northern Virginia Apartment Association. He was formerly chief of housing resources of the Montgomery County Housing Opportunities Commission.

Robert C. Einsweiler has been named president of the American Planning Association. Einsweiler is a professor and director of the planning program at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

Jean Douglas Smith has been appointed treasurer of the International Childbirth Education Association. She is editor of Parent & Child Magazine.

Caleb Taft has been named president of the American Wire Producers Association. Taft is with Gilbert & Bennett Manufacturing Co. of Georgetown, Conn. John Mueller was named vice president.

Henry R. O'Neil has been named vice president for marketing of the Armed Forces Relief and Benefit Association.

Glenda Z. Espinas has been named president-elect of the D.C. chapter of the American Society of Women Accountants for the year ending June 30, 1984. Espinas is director of finance of the Washington Board of Realtors.

James E. Lodge has been named executive director of the American Bankers Association's banking professions group. Lodge is also executive director of ABA's communications group. He succeeds Donald E. Stevens. Stevens has joined Drake, Beam and Morin, a Washington international management firm, as senior vice president for industry relations.

John D. Evans has been named president of the Virginia Cable TV Association. Evans is executive vice president and chief operating officer of Arlington Telecommunications Corp. H.W. Goodall, general manager of Continental Cablevision in Richmond, was named vice president.

Dixie M. Lee has been named editor of the National Insulation Contractors Association's magazine Insulation Outlook.

Joyce Payne has been named director of the office for advancement of public black colleges of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges. Payne was formerly head of Global Systems Inc., a Washington management consulting firm.

Louis Weissman has been named to the executive committee of the Retail Floorcovering Institute. Weissman is president of Kemper Carpet in Fairfax.

Joseph Hutnyan has been named vice president and director of communications of the National Association of Mutual Savings Banks, effective July 1. Hutnyan is Washington bureau chief of American Banker. Rebecca Laird has been named vice president and chief regulatory counsel, effective June 1. Laird is senior associate general counsel of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Peter Knight has been named director of mortgage finance of NAMSB, effective July 1. Knight is with the National Association of Realtors. The National Association of Mutual Savings Banks will consolidate on November 1 with the National Savings and Loan League to form the National Council of Savings Associations.

Milton E. Mitler, David A. Roe, Robert A. Adams, Ed Zier, Stephen A. Bokat, Roy C. Fletcher and R. Bruce Josten have been promoted to vice presidents of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.