Vitro Laboratories President Robert C. Gormley recently announced several top-level management changes at the Silver Spring-based systems engineering company. Gormley announced the appointment of two senior vice presidents, four vice presidents and a deputy manager, as well as the formation of a new undersea systems branch.

William L. Freienmuth and Herbert A. Krivka have been promoted to senior vice presidents. As head of the engineering services and technical information branches, Freienmuth will administer all internal-support technical services. He joined Vitro in 1948 and has been a vice president since 1977. Krivka will direct the ship systems branch and the newly established undersea systems branch. He joined Vitro in 1948 and has been a vice president since 1977.

The four newly named vice presidents are Dwight R. Brooks, Charles E. Carroll Jr., Donald M. Roha and Robert C. Sokoloff.

Brooks will head the engineering services branch. He joined Vitro in 1965 and had been head of the computer system and facilities support department for the past three years.

Carroll will manage the newly created undersea systems branch. He joined Vitro in 1962 and was head of the systems technology department since 1973.

Roha will oversee programs of the ship engineering, combat direction system, fleet support and program support departments. He joined Vitro in 1959 and most recently was head of the engineering management department.

Sokoloff will head the cruise missles branch and will oversee three departments. He joined Vitro in 1963.

Walter J. Bergman has been appointed to the newly created position of manager of the cruise missles branch. He joined Vitro in 1955 and has headed the systems application department since 1975.

Vitro Laboratories, the largest private employer in Montgomery County, provides professional and technical services and products in the fields of national defense, communications, information and energy systems. The company employs about 5,900 people and maintains 30 field offices throughout the country and abroad. Vitro Laboratories is a unit of the Elctronics and Defense Group of The Penn Central Corp.