Patents granted in May to residents of Maryland, the District and Virginia. MARYLAND

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Ronald N. Fracalossi; Walter V. V. Greenhouse, and Michael S. Buchanan, all of Baltimore. Polyurethane foam resistant to smoldering combustion containing either urea or melamine. No. 4,385,131. 13 Claims. MARYLAND DESIGN PATENTS:*

* For a term of 14 years.

Franklin G. Mack of Baltimore. Playing die. No. D 268,851.

Wayne B. Stone Jr., of Bethesda. Beverage decanter. No. D 268,887.

Harry C. Winter of Chestertown. Tire valve. No. D 268,924.

Robert Berinson of Silver Spring. Piano-shaped bulletin board. No. D 268,936. VIRGINIA

Kalidas Chakravarti of Richmond, and Stanley D. Lazarus of Petersburg. Process for the production of reinforced rubber articles. No. 4,381,640. 11 Claims.

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Philip Retz. Vortex turbine apparatus. No. 4,382,746. 40 Claims.

Michael S. Wysor. Silver metachloridine. No. 4,384,117. 1 Claim.