Charles H. Gobin III, Timothy H. Harner and John B. Thompson have been promoted to senior vice presidents of Ferris & Co. Thelma R. Gower, Robert L. Jones and Louis A. Kushner have been promoted to vice presidents, and Paula M. Kinney and Donald Austin have been promoted to assistant vice presidents.

James M. Dean has been appointed controller of Federal Data Corp. Dean was formerly a senior audit manager with Price Waterhouse.

Richard L. Johnson has been named a tax manager of Touche Ross & Co.

William M. Tartikoff has been elected a vice president of T. Rowe Price Associates Inc. Tartikoff is associate counsel for T. Rowe Price.

Judy Kirpich has been promoted to vice president and executive art director of Grafik Communications Inc., an Alexandria design firm.

Richard A. Collins has been named vice president for marketing and industry relations of Norrell Systems Corp. in Atlanta, a developer of software systems for credit unions. Collins was formerly president of the Maryland Credit Union League.

The following VSE Corp. directors have been reelected: A. G. Chase, who is a managing partner for Trammell Chase Lambert & Martindale; F. H. Michaelis, consultant and retired Navy officer; D. M. Osnos, senior partner of Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn, and R. E. Scully, president of Design and Production Inc., a VSE Corp. subsidiary. Also reelected were VSE Corp officers J. B. Toomey, president; A. N. Jackman and M. A. Riebe, executive vice presidents, and H. P. Weinberg, senior vice president.

Harry B. Traylor has been promoted to vice president for federal projects operations of Sperry Corp. He will be based at Sperry's federal systems operations headquarters in McLean.

Earl W. Wells has been named division director of planning and information systems for IBM Corp.'s federal systems division in Bethesda.

Dr. Max P. Rogers has been named director of occupational health and rehabilitation of the National Hospital for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation in Arlington. Rogers was formerly medical director of Southern Railway Systems.

Joseph W. Jacques has been named president of Coordinated Financial Services Ltd., a member firm of the Bethesda-based Wallace Financial Group.

Jerald I. Moskowitz has been named senior vice president and chief operating officer of Psych Systems Inc. of Baltimore, a company that develops and markets computerized systems designed to automate psychological testing. Raymond D. Fowler has been named resident scientist. Fowler was formerly chairman of the University of Alabama psychology department.

Milt Worthy has been promoted to vice president of research and development of PRC Government Information Systems, an operating group of Planning Research Corp. in McLean.