District of Columbia

Marcus W. Rankin. Bird cage. No. 269,469. Maryland

James L. Boykins of Baltimore. Uniform for karate and the like. No. 4,389,733. 2 claims.

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David R. Browning of Reisterstown. One piece ion accelerator for ion mobililty detector cells. No. 4,390,784. 8 claims.

John W. Savage of Bethesda. Broadband measurement systems. No 4,390,83l8. 17 Claims.

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William A. Picco of Tantallon. Portable golf equipment case. No. D-269,225.

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Richard B. C. Tucker of Baltimore. Golf putter head. No. D-269,537.

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Angie Harsh of Hagerstown. Animal litter. No. 4,386,579. 8 claims.

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William C. Hall of Derwood. Construction industry teaching game. No. 4,386,778. 4 claims.

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Jimmie R. McDonald of Upper Marlboro, et. al. Method of separating N from natural abundance No. No. 4,387,010. 6 claims.

Francis W. Henry Jr., of Glen Burnie, et. al. Use of resorcinal polymer blend as a binder for carbon-containing refactory brick and shape. No. 4,387,173. 20 claims.

Vasil Uzunoglu of Ellicott City. Temperature stabilized semiconductor delay element. No. 4,387,310. 15 claims.

Betty C. Reed of Rockville. U-turn vehicle light. No. 4,387,361. 14 claims.

Longuemare Jr. of Ellicott City. Synthetic montopulse radar. No. 4,387,373. 14 claims.

Robert V. Garver of Boyds. Microwave controlled field effect switching device. No. 4,387,386. 8 claims.

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William J. Bailey of University Park. Polcyalio ring-opened polymers. No. 4,387,215. 20 claims.

A. Eisenberg of Baltimore. Paint roller cleaning system. No. 4,387,477. 8 claims.

Daniel D. Musgrave of Cabin John. Magazine engagement device. No. 4,387,525. 12 claims.

David A. Conwan of Owings Mills. Heat-sealable, ovenable containers and method of manufacture. No. 4,387,551. 13 claims.

Paul Botzler of Glen Arm. Multi-compartment combination package and stirrer device. No. 4,387,809. 7 claims.

John Ruemer Jr. of Baltimore. Container closure. No. 4,387,827. 5 claims.

Robert J. Englar of Derwood, and Gregory G. Huson of Gaithersburg. Mono-element combined supercritical high lift airfoil. No. 4,387,869. 3 claims.

E. Stanley Knochet of Baltimore. Walker. No. 4,387,891. 8 claims.

Philip A. Studer of Silver Spring. Linear magnetic bearing. No. 4,387,935. 52 claims.

Kenneth Kaschau of Gaithersburg. Propeller exhaust hub and shroud. No. 4,388,070. 4 claims.

Richard A. Eppler of Timonium. Black pigment free of heavy metals. No. 4,388,118. 5 claims.

Craig Johnson of Indian Head, et al. Multi-component propellant changes. No. 4,388,126. 14 claims.

Arnold Brossi of Bethesda, et al. 6-keto-morphinan analgestics. No. 4,388,463. 12 claims.

David A. Saar of Timonium, et al. Apparatus and method for charging batteries. No. 4,388,582. 24 claims.

Leonard S. Taylor of Silver Spring. Flush mountable plasma density profile probe device. No. 4,388,588. 3 claims.

Richard W. Haymon of Potomac., et al. Restaurant video display system. No. 4,88,689. 13 claims.

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Albert S. Tompa of Indian Head, et al. Brakedown of solid propellants and explosives, recovery of nitramines. No. 4,389,265. 8 claims.

Jacob Block of Rockville and Peter C. Green of Ellicott City. High temperature stable viscosifier and fluid loss control system. No. 4,389,319. 7 claims. Virginia

Ja H. Lee and Frank Hohel, both of Newport News. Solar driven liquid metal MHD power generator. No. 4,388,572. 10 claims.

Erick O. Schonstedt of Reston. Multiaxis magnetometer apparatus with orthogonally disposed rectangular housing for mounting seperate sensor assemblies. No. 4,388,592. 16 claims.

Neal H. Ishman of Springfield, et al. Apparatus for monitoring a multichannel receiver. No. 4,388,644. 31 claims.

Richard J. Patch and George D. Rose Jr., both of Lynchburg. Memory device. No. 4,388,703. 12 claims.

Clyde R. Butcher of Lynchburg. Memory protection arrangement. No. 4,388,706. 5 claims.

Newton E. Wright of Abingdon. Trap for small animals. No. 4,388,775. 14 claims.

Peter Durenee of Annandale. Swash plate driving means for cryogenic coolers. No. 4,388,308. 14 claims.

Roderick L. Cramer of Wytheville. Dulcimer construction. No. 4,388,852. 3 claims.

A. Erich Baitis of Stafford, et al. Electrical actuator for ship roll stabilization. No. 4,388,889. 6 claims.

Marc P. N. Rody of Fairfax, et al. Process and apparatus for generation of steam via catalytic combustion. No. 4,388,892. 36 claims.

H. Richard Shea of Great Falls. Triangular solar collector. No. 4,388,917. 17 claims.

Henry B. Merritt of Richmond, et al. Process for improving filling power of expanded tobacco. No. 4,388,932. 11 claims.

Norman B. Rainer and Dean M. Siwier both of Richmond. Tobacco stem treatment and expanded tobacco product. No. 4,388,933. 17 claims.

Wallace E. Atkinson of Petersburg. Weed and grass puller. No. 4,389,065. 5 claims.

Roland E. Clark and Salvator J. Dibartoco, both of Lynchburg. Plug-in ceramis hybrid module. No. 4,389,080. 5 claims.

Leonard E. James of Richmond, et al. Process for making a cobalt oxide catalyst. No. 4,389,339. 10 claims.

Thomas A. Thornton and Valdon D. Holaday Jr., both of Lynchburg. Sintering UO2 and oxidation of UO2 with microwave radiation. No. 4,389,355. 15 claims.

Franklin Lim of Richmond, et al. Vitamin encapsulation. No. 4,389,419. 21 claims.

Robert M. Marshall of Chester. Stabilized finish composition. No. 4,389,456. 49 claims.

Annie K. St. Clair and Terry L. St. Clair both of Poquason. Elastomer toughened polymide adhesives. No. 4,389,504. 6 claims.

Joseph M. Lowry and Ernest E. Gripcfmboth of Richmond. Carriage for a grass trimming device. No. 4,389,836. 14 claims.

Stephen M. Bolick of Alexandria. Pressure regulator assembly guard. No. 4,389,890. 5 claims.

Richard M. Berger of Midlothian. Tobacco filter. No. 4,390,031. 9 claims.

Hector M. Gonzalez of Richmond. Modular conveyor guide and system utilizing same. No. 4,390,091. 43 claims.

Frank G. Goldenberg of Lynchburg. Disposable rain poncho system. No. 4,390,096. 7 claims.

Joseph V. Gaven Jr. of Oakton, et al. Thermal indicator for wells. No. 4,390,291. 11 claims.

Charles E. Cornwell of Alexandria. Method for mixing, spraying and placing cementitious materials. No. 4,390,371. 7 claims.

Durrell W. Holden of Dublin. Durable flexible membrane and method of making same. No. 4,390,585. 20 claims.

Robert M. Marshall of Chester and Kimon C. Dardoufan of Richmond. Stabilized finish composition. No. 4,390,591. 46 claims.

John H. Olson of Newport News, et al. Laminated GOB for pressing glass articles. No. 4,390,593. 2 claims.

Michael R. Newcome of Falls Church, et al. Optically coupled decorative light controller. No. 4,386,550. 11 claims.

Kenneth H. Dale of Powhatan and Walter G. Ludwig of Chesterfield County. Aluminum can reclamation method. No. 4,387,019. 10 claims.

John R. Harlow of Richmond. Three phase power-factor control system for AC induction motors. No. 4,387,329. 15 claims.

Thomas G. Giallorenzi of Alexandria, et al. Active waveguide coupler for surface acoustic waves. No. 4,387,353. 3 claims.

Paul H. Pevsner of Richmond. Catheter delivery system and method. No. Re. 31,272. 18 claims.

John P. Latimer of Newport News. Separable liquid flow screening means for excluding oversized, slender objects carried by a liquid and dredge means including same. No. 4,387,518. 16 claims.

John M. Jamieson of Herndon and Dixon Cleveland of Annandale. Pipe scanner mechanism. No. 4,387,598. 2 claims.

Kenneth R. Duff of Lorton, Amphibious motor-driven cycle. No. 4,387,661. 23 claims.

Kermit T. Newcomb of South Hill. Thread severing mechanism associated with shuttle loom. No. 4,387,744. 13 claims.

Donald O. Downey of Strassburg. Container for storing particulate materials. No. 4,387,847. 8 claims.

Dan D. Baldwin of Independence. Abdominal weight-lifting apparatus. No. 4,387,893. 10 claims.