The personal computer boom, which is breeding new magazines faster than you can say "megabyte," almost gave birth to identical twins.

A pair of publications for IBM personal computers, each calling itself "PC Week," were shipped to newsstands July 22.

Ziff-Davis, the publisher of the advertising-fat PC magazine, and E. Drake Lundell, an independent publisher, both decided there was room for another journal dedicated to the intricacies of IBM's machine, which already has at least half a dozen fan magazines.

Ziff-Davis's effort was a four-page spinoff of PC; Lundell's was a smidgeon more than a newsletter. Both were trying to be first with a weekly product in what has thus far been a lucrative market.

"It was a case of smart people in two organizations coming up with the same name for similar publications," Lundell said in a statement. "In an uncanny coincidence, shipping occurred the same day. It's the most incredible thing I've ever heard of."

A settlement was reached yesterday wherein Lundell and his staff will be hired to edit Ziff-Davis's PC Week.

The new 50-to 70-page tabloid, which will begin taking advertising in September, joins the Ziff-Davis stable of four IBM PC-based publications, plus Creative Computing, a general-interest consumer magazine. IBM will probably build 600,000 of its $1,500 and up personal computers this year--reportedly more than twice as many as originally planned. Currently, there are more than a million IBM personal computers and IBM-compatible computers out in the market.

At least 25 new computer-user publications have sprung up in the last three years.