Stephen L. Rabin has been promoted to president and chief operating officer of the Washington-based Educational Film Center and its subsidiary, EFC Film and Video Productions. He succeeds Jack Hunter, who has returned to full-time production with EFC.

Frank Hanshaw, Arnold A. Pruden and Homer B. Thomas Jr. have been named vice presidents of Creative Technologies Inc., an Annandale audiovisual communications company. Roy T. Fell Jr. was promoted to general manager.

Benjamin Tyree has been named editorial director of Newsletter Services Inc. He was formerly managing editor of several Bureau of National Affairs publications: Daily Report for Executives, Daily Tax Report and Weekly Tax Report. Tyree is succeeded by Nancee L. Simonson of BNA.

Anthony C. Violanti has been named creative director of Edmonds Associates Inc., an Alexandria advertising and public relations firm.

Joshua J. Kaufman has been named computer law editor of EDP News Services Inc. Kaufman is the managing partner of the law firm of Lowe, Bressler and Kaufman.

John Rosenberg has been promoted daily sports producer of the Mutual Brodcasting System's Mutual Sports.

Robert W. Hunter has been named vice president for regional operations and head of the new Washington office of The JN Co., a New York-based communications company.