A complaint was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday in federal court in Little Rock, Ark., charging bankrupt Tennessee financier Jake Butcher with violating the anti-fraud provisions of federal securities laws.

Michael K. Wolenski, administrator of the SEC's Atlanta regional office, said the complaint was filed against Butcher, former chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of the failed United American Bank of Knoxville, Tenn.; George W. Ridenour Jr. of Knoxville, an attorney and former director and general counsel for UABK; and Jesse A. Barr of Knoxville, a banking and financial consultant to Butcher.

Wolenski said the complaint alleges that during the period from December 1982 to February 1983, the defendants engaged in a scheme to defraud and engaged in acts, practices, and a course of conduct that resulted in fraud and deceit upon purchasers of UABK securities.

The complaint alleges that the defendants made numerous misrepresentations of material facts and omitted facts concerning UABK's capital needs, adverse loan classifications, loan documentation exceptions, net earnings and liquidity problems, Butcher's personal financial condition and deals by the defendants in loans being made by UABK which were made in part through forged signatures. UABK was closed by regulatory authorities on Feb. 14, 1983.

Butcher; his brother C. H. Butcher Jr.; and the financial dealings of their Tennessee and Kentucky banking network are the subject of a special grand jury investigation in Knoxville.