Ford Motor Co. is recalling about 500,000 1984 and 1985 Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz models to correct possible real-wheel misalignment, which could cause uneven, accelerated rear-tire wear, the company said yesterday.

And Chrysler Corp. yesterday said it is recalling 344,000 1984- and 1985-model passenger cars.

A Ford spokesman said dealers will inspect the rear tires and, if necessary, adjust rear-wheel alignment. Owners will have until March 29, 1985, to have their cars inspected.

Ford also is recalling 35,300 1983- and 1984-model Escort, Lynx, EXP and LN7 vehicles with electronically fuel-injected engines for service modifications.

Chrysler said its recalled cars, all equipped with 2.2 liter engines, are suspected of having faulty fuel supply systems that could leak and possibly cause engine fires.

Affected cars include the 1984 and 1985 Plymouth Horizon, Turismo and Reliant; the Dodge Omni, Charger and Aries cars, and 1984 Chrysler LeBaron and Dodge Rampage and Dodge 600 (2-door) models.

Chrysler also said it is recalling 82,500 1984-1985 Dodge Caravan, Mini Ram-Van and Plymouth Voyager models equipped with 2.2-liter engines. The minivans are being brought back for installation of a clip to support the engine fuel supply tube, Chrysler officials said.