As the Redskins prepare to take the field for the NFL playoffs, I thought some of you high rollers might appreciate a progress report on The Bidding for the Riggins Cover.

At the beginning of our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital, we arranged to have Redskin running back John Riggins autograph a copy of Sports Illustrated. Not just any copy, either. It's the SI cover that shows Number Forty Four plowing his way to the winning touchdown through assorted Miami Dolphins.

The ground rules of our Riggins Bidding were simple. Whoever sent in the largest single check to our campaign would win the magazine. But the situation as we wind up Week Five of our eight-week campaign isn't simple at all.

Five donors are deadlocked for first place, with contributions of $1,000 each. If no one tops that princely sum, we'll have to hold a tie-breaking drawing. Which will be guaranteed to make one donor happy and four donors unhappy.

There's a nice, neat way out of this. Would someone please send in $1,001 -- or more? That way, we won't make anyone sad, least of all the sick kids who will benefit from all those bucks.