George P. Royall Jr. of GTE Corp., Joseph F. Gagen of Nynex Corp., Moses K. Dennis of United Telephone Co. of Ohio, and former Senate campaign official Julia Hupman have joined the U.S. Telephone Association to help coordinate the group's national information campaign.

The program is aimed at increasing public awareness and understanding of key issues affecting the telephone industry, according to Henry Weiland Jr., USTA executive director of public relations, who will direct the $1 million campaign.

Royall, Gagen and Dennis are on loan to the association from their respective companies for the duration of the campaign, which was approved by the USTA's board of directors at the group's annual convention in October. Weiland said the campaign has been funded for one year, and could be extended for another year by the board next October. GTE, Nynex and United Telephone of Ohio will pay the executives' salaries, with USTA rebating a portion of the companies' annual dues in return, Weiland said.

Royall will serve as director of communications planning and development in the campaign, Gagen will direct national media relations, and Dennis will direct internal communications and work with member telephone companies and state telephone associations. Hupman, who was assistant treasurer of Virginia Republican Sen. John Warner's successful 1984 reelection campaign, will serve as manager of information services.

The UTSA has 1,100 member local and regional telephone companies ranging from small rural firms to the seven regional companies spun off in the court-ordered breakup of the Bell System. TRADE

The Optical Society of America has elected Robert A. Greenler, a member of the physics department at the University of Wisconsin and a professor of optical sciences at the University of Arizona, as its 1985 vice president. Greenler is in line to become president-elect in 1986 and president in 1987.

The Optical Society, an educational and scientific organization, also has chosen three new directors-at-large: Hyatt M. Gibbs, University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center; Tingye Li, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Leonard Mandel, University of Rochester.

The American Chemical Society, a Washington-based organization comprised of professional chemists and chemical engineers, has reelected Paul V. Smith chairman of the board. Smith is the manager of education and professional society relations at Exxon Research & Engineering Company.

ACS also has elected Ellis K. Fields, a research consultant at Amoco Chemicals Corp., president and George C. Pimentel, the director of the laboratory for biodynamics at the University of California, president-elect.

Donald P. O'Hare, assistant vice president of marketing, planning and administration for at American Airlines, has become a member of the board of directors of the Washington-based Travel Industry Association of America.