Recent patents granted to Maryland residents.

George S. Harper, of Cambridge. Snap-action circuit breaker. No. Re. 31,790. 43 claims.

Donald A. Lopez, of Baltimore. Curtain-wall masonry-veneer anchor system. No. 4,473,984. 7 claims.

Theodore R. Zeigler, of Oxon Hill. Collapsible/expandable structural module with split hub locking. No. 4,473,986. 7 claims.

Stephen A. Debelius, of Millersville. Housing retaining means for portable power tools and method of assembly therefor. No. 4,474,077. 16 claims.

William H. Stevenson, of Easton. Working sails and method for furling them while aloft. No. 4,474,127. 15 claims.

Earl D. Angulo, of Silver Spring. Apparatus for disintegrating kidney stones. No. 4,474,180. 18 claims.

Robert S. Ledey, of Silver Spring; Thomas J. Golab, of Beltsville, and Michael Buas, of Kensington. Computerized electro-oculographic (cego) system with feedback control of stimuli. No. 4,474,186. 13 claims.

Robert D. Rogalski, of Riva, and George F. Wilhelmi, of Crofton. Closed-cycle vaporization cooling system for underwater vehicle inner-to-outer hull heat transfer. No. 4,474,228. 14 claims.

Virgil E. Johnson Jr., of Gaithersburg. Enhancing liquid jet erosion. No. 4,474,251. 31 claims.

Raymond S. Watson, of Baltimore, and William F. Ward Sr., of Hampstead. Blank stripping apparatus for rotary die cutters. No. 4,474,565. 10 claims.

Chi-wan Chen, of Silver Spring, et al. Herbicidal aikenyl benzenesulfonamide. No. 4,474,601. 19 claims.

Peter C. Green, of Ellicott City. Use of ground, sized cocoa bean shells as a lost circulation material in drilling mud. No. 4,474,665. 8 claims.

Jacob Block, of Rockville. Fluid loss control system. No. 4,474,667. 22 claims.

John W. Neal Jr., of Laurel; Jerome A. Klun, of Potomac; Meyer Schwarz, of Kensington, and Barbara A. Leonhardt, of Potomac. Bagworm moth atirac and plant protectant. No. 4,474,755. 7 claims.

Teresa I. Mercado, of Bethesda, and Alba Colon-Whitt, of Arlington, Va. Lysis of trypanosoma cruzi. No. 4,474,772. 4 claims.

Robert B. DeWolf II, of Glen Burnie, and Rimantas Glemza, of Baltimore. Methods of preparing hydrous silica gels. No. 4,474,824. 15 claims.

Albert F. Hadermann, of Ijamsville; Paul F. Waters, of Washington, D.C., and Jerry C. Trippe, of Fairfax Station, Va. Freeze blending of reactive liquids and solids. No. 4,474,905. 10 claims.

George W. Gokel, of Greenbelt. Crown ether compositions with sidearms affording enhanced cition binding. No. 4,474,963. 6 claims.

Jerome C. Beard, of Pasadena. Gain imbalance corrected adrature phase detector. No. 4,475,088. 4 claims.

Douglas Browning, of Sykesville. Torque measuring device. No. 4,475,408. 3 claims.

Robert R. Durrell, of Columbia. Monolithic multi-point warhead initiator. No. 4,475,461. 12 claims.

Richard E. Dame, of Silver Spring. Solar collector-skylight assembly. No. 4,475,536. 8 claims.

Anita O. Sy, of Columbia, et al. High temperature dispersant. No. 4,476,029. 7 claims.

Gwam Kim, of Olney, and Michael V. Ernest, of Catonsville. Doubly promoted platinum group metal catalysts for emission control. No. 4,476,246. 27 claims.

William H. Avery, of Silver Spring. Low-cost method for producing methanol utilizing otec plantships. No. 4,476,249. 10 claims.

William J. Bailey, of College Park, et al. Photorective plastic composition and articles degradable by ultraviolent radiation and process for their manufacture. No. 4,476,255. 9 claims.

Marguerite S. Chang, of Fort Washington, and Robert R. Orndoff, of Waldorf. Synthesis of dimethylmethylene dinitramine. No. 4,476,322. 17 claims.

Martin B. Sherwin, of Potomac. Process for forming nitroparaffin. No. 4,476,336. 22 claims.

Martin I. Rubin, of Chevy Chase. Patient treatment method. No. 4,476,381. 7 claims.

Roy H. White, of Germantown. Encoding scheme for articles. No. 4,476,382. 5 claims.

Alfred P. Feldman, of Columbia. Use of context to simplify two-dimensional computer input. No. 4,476,462. 17 claims.

Louis R. Dragonette, of Upper Marlboro; Laurence J. Frank, of Mount Rainier, and Susan K. Numrich, of Kensington. Calibration method for acoustic scattering measurements using a spherical target. No. 4,476,549. 6 claims.

Myron S. Wheller, of Baltimore, and Glenn R. Beach, of Columbia. Vlf communication system. No. 4,476,576. 7 claims.

Richard I. Hurn, of Ridgely; Gregory C. Harris, of Easton, and Herman P. Cox, of Ridgely. Portable electric scrubber. No. 4,476,602. 15 claims.

Thomas F. Francovitch, of Columbia. Membrane anchor with flexure resisting regions. No. 4,476,660. 6 claims.

Stephen D. Bandy, of Annapolis. Sails. No. 4,476,799. 3 claims.

Joseph N. Cannon, of Hyattsville, et al. Staged cascade fluidized bed combustor. No. 4,476,816. 9 claims.

Norman C. Niblett, of Salisbury. Fuel pre-heater. No. 4,476,839. 2 claims.

Leon C. Parks, of Baltimore. Apparatus for effecting hyperthermic treatment. No. 4,476,867. 1 claim.

Edwin C. Hardesty, of Perry Hall. Tricoupler for modular wiring systems. No. 4,477,141. 18 claims.

Matthew R. Comer, of Pasadena. Reduction of signal modulation caused by polarization in visible optical scanning systems. No. 4,477,152. 7 claims.

Minn-Shong Chi, of Cumberland. Manufacture of gel-free nitrocellulose lacquers. No. 4,477,297. 4 claims.

Richard E. Hanig, of Gaithersburg. Method for producing artistic designs on thin layer chromatography plates and product. No. 4,477,511. 22 claims.

Robert L. Clarke, of Riva. Platinum underlayers and overlayers for coatings. No. 4,477,538. 6 claims.

Max L. Reuss Jr., of New Carrollton. Combined microwave parallel amplifier-Rf attenuator modulator. No. 4,477,781. 17 claims.

Ali E. Atia, of Rockville. Generalized dielectric resonator filter. No. 4,477,785. 8 claims.

Chris J. Walter, of Columbia, et al. Address generator for generating addresses to read out data from a memory along angularly disposed parallel lines. No. 4,477,802. 15 claims.

James L. Russell, of Germantown. Correlation data communications system. No. 4,477,912. 31 claims.

E. Stanley Knochel, of Baltimore. Device for checking bills of currency to detect bills that are stuck together. No. 4,477,974. 13 claims.

James D. Woermbke, of Glen Burnie. Fish net. No. 4,477,993. 9 claims.

Frank Ritter, of Baltimore, and Romann Balordi, of Millersville. Digital feed system. No. 4,478,121. 12 claims.

Albert Applebaum, of Silver Spring; Albert S. Will, of Bethesda; Samuel A. Humphrey, and Frank C. McLean, both of Silver Spring; Sylvan Wolf, of Hyattsville; Carl R. Peterson, and Harry J. Gauzza, both of Silver Spring, and John C. Hetzler of Laurel. Missile delivered explosive sound system. No. 4,478,148. 10 claims.

William M. Sayler, of Bradshaw, and John M. Hayner, of Towson. Cartridge with elastic pusher cup. No. 4,478,150. 1 claim.

Joseph A. Kocsan, of White Marsh. System of a bow stabilizer and an embedded arrow head remover. No. 4,478,204. 5 claims.

Donnell Sherrod, of Baltimore. Method and apparatus for proportioning of fuel usage by a fluid fueled apparatus. No. 4,478,246. 19 claims.

Robert M. Clemens, of Beltsville. Carrier apparatus and hose for fire fighters. No. 4,478,452. 4 claims.

Jerry B. Williams, of Baltimore. Rack-mountable storage enclosure for differently sized magnetic tap enclosures. No. 4,478,464. 7 claims.

William S. Pearson, of Hampstead. Back pressure compensator for apparatus for controlling liquid level in a reservoir. No. 4,478,555. 13 claims.

James D. Gibson, of Cumberland. Urethane compounds and cmdb propellants stabilized therewith. No. 4,478,656. 13 claims.

Daniel E. Hubis, of Elkton. Method for manufacturing highly porous high-strength ptfe articles. No. 4,478,665. 29 claims.

Milton J. Cohen, of Potomac. Fluid dispensing device. No. 4,479,801. 4 claims.

Steve A. Orndorff, of Columbia. Enzymatic catalyzed biocide system. No. 4,478,683. 6 claims.