91: INTERNATIONAL BANK 1701 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. 20006

REVENUE: $4.3 million LOSS: $8.8 million LOSS PER SHARE: $2.40 DIVIDEND: 25 cents ASSETS: $217.8 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $157.9 RETURN ON EQUITY: NA EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 57 TOP EXECUTIVES: George Olmsted, chairman and chief executive; Guy R. Martin, vice chairman and president FOUNDED: 1920

DESCRIPTION: International Bank is a European-style "merchant bank" with interests in all 50 states and 39 countries. Its operations include light and heavy industrials, packaging-machinery systems, life and property/casualty insurance, real estate, offshore banking, foreign corporate formations and maritime administration.

DEVELOPMENTS: The bank continued the steady slide in revenue and earnings that has plagued it at least since fiscal 1981. Revenue, which was at $20.2 million in 1980 and $16.8 million in 1983, fell to $4.3 million for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31. Similarly, earnings, which topped $12.2 million in 1980 and $5.3 million in 1983, turned into a net loss last year of $8.8 million.

In previous years, the company has blamed losses in its packaging machinery and property/casualty insurance divisions for the declining results. In 1984, the heaviest bleeding was in the property/casualty group, which had an underwriting loss of $40.8 million, almost double the 1983 underwriting loss of $20.7 million. The bank blamed an industrywide price war and numerous weather-related claims for the red ink, which could not be erased by improved performance in the life insurance and industrial groups.

In November, the bank sold its William E. Young Co. Inc. subsidiary, a New Jersey packaging machinery firm. During the year its insurance division also acquired two companies, United Olympic Life Insurance Co. and Teton National Insurance Co. 92: TVI ENERGY CORP. 11420 Old Baltimore Pike Beltsville, Md. 20705

REVENUE: $3.9 million PROFITS: $185,000 EARNINGS PER SHARE: 3 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $4.2 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $1.8 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 10.8 percent (est.) EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 45 TOP EXECUTIVE: Charles R. McConnell, chairman, president and chief financial officer FOUNDED: 1977 DESCRIPTION: TVI develops, manufactures and sells products with a patented heat-producing chemical composition that converts electricity into infrared radiant energy.

DEVELOPMENTS: Fiscal 1984 was a turnaround year for TVI, which posted a profit of $185,000 for the year ended Dec. 31, compared with a loss of $556,600 in 1983. The company attributed its growth to expansion of its military program, particularly infrared technology designed to detect offensive weapons. In the commercial sector, the company said Owens Corning Fiberglass of Dayton, Ohio, has agreed to test market TVI's radiant-heat ceiling tiles.

Earlier this year, a fire broke out at TVI's facilities on Herzel Place in Beltsville, destroying the building and bringing operations to a halt for two weeks. The company said production has resumed at its new location on Old Baltimore Pike. 93: ISOMET CORP. 5263 Port Royal Rd. Springfield, Va. 22151

REVENUE: $3.5 million LOSS: $185,000 LOSS PER SHARE: 12 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $6 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $2.9 million RETURN ON EQUITY: NA EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 73 TOP EXECUTIVE: Henry Zenzie, president FOUNDED: 1956

DESCRIPTION: Isomets makes laser accessory components and equipment from synthetic crystals grown in its facilities. It also conducts research and development in laser technology for the government and other contractors.

DEVELOPMENTS: Isomet attributed its net loss for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31 to breakdowns of manufacturing equipment and a 16 percent decline in revenue. The fall-off took the company from a $40,000 profit in 1983 to a $185,000 loss last year. % 94: WASHINGTON CORP. 5550 Friendship Blvd. Suite 510 Chevy Chase, Md. 20815

REVENUE: $3 million PROFITS: $1.3 million EARNINGS PER SHARE: 54 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $23.6 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $9.4 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 13.6 percent EXCHANGE: Philadelphia EMPLOYES: 10 TOP EXECUTIVE: William N. Demas, chairman and president FOUNDED: 1969

DESCRIPTION: Washington Corp. acquires, develops and syndicates commercial and residential real estate in the Washington area. DEVELOPMENTS: Fiscal 1984 was particularly good for this area real estate firm, with profits up 212 percent and revenue up 53 percent over 1983. Washington Corp.'s new role as a syndicator of real estate, a line of business it developed during 1984, generated $124,000 in profits. The company also had record earnings on sales of investments, $519,000 last year compared with $27,000 in 1983. 95: BIOTECH RESEARCH LABORATORIES INC. 1600 E. Gude Dr. Rockville, Md. 20850

REVENUE: $2.9 million LOSS: $1.1 million LOSS PER SHARE: 20 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $5.5 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $3.8 million RETURN ON EQUITY: NA EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 88 TOP EXECUTIVE: Thomas M. Li, president FOUNDED: 1973

DESCRIPTION: Biotech Research Labs employs methods such as gene splicing and cell fusion to conduct biomedical research and product development. It also manufactures and sells biomedical products such as cell cultures and viral diagnostic kits.

DEVELOPMENTS: Sales at Biotech Research were up 58 percent in fiscal 1984 from the previous year, while the company's loss shrank by 13 percent. The federal government granted a joint license to the company and E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. to develop a test for antibodies to the virus believed to cause AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) -- a product that could make Biotech profitable in 1985. Du Pont also agreed to market Biotech's products worldwide and to purchase $4.5 million worth of Biotech stock.