77: WILLIAMS INDUSTRIES INC. 2849 Meadow View Rd. Falls Church, Va. 22042

REVENUE: $16.8 million PROFITS: $759,000 EARNINGS PER SHARE: 53 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $17.5 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $6.8 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 11.2 percent EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 312 TOP EXECUTIVE: Frank E. Williams Jr., chairman and president FOUNDED: 1961

DESCRIPTION: Williams Industries is a construction company that specializes in heavy industrial and commercial construction. It also manufactures metal products, leases and sells construction equipment, and owns substantial amounts of industrial property.

DEVELOPMENTS: Williams reported record earnings for the year ended July 31, 1984, despite an unusually wet winter that caused slowdowns in construction work. Profits climbed 70 percent, revenue gained 56 percent, and earnings per share increased 40 percent over fiscal 1983 figures.

The company attributed its growth to a resurgence in the commercial construction market and to strong earnings from its affiliate, John F. Beasley Construction Co. Beasley neared completion of the new Greater New Orleans Mississippi River Bridge. 72: GRAY & CO. PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL INC. 3255 Grace St. NW Washington, D.C. 20007

REVENUE: $15.7 million PROFITS: $1.1 million EARNINGS PER SHARE: NA DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $10.7 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $6.1 million RETURN ON EQUITY: Not available EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 180 TOP EXECUTIVES: Robert Keith Gray, chairman FOUNDED: 1981

DESCRIPTION: Gray & Co. is the largest public relations and lobbying firm based in the Washington area and the only publicly held firm of its kind in the country. Its clients include individuals, businesses and nations.

DEVELOPMENTS: Last year, just after going public, Gray acquired The Strayton Corp., a public relations firm specializing in high-tech clients, with offices in Boston, Santa Clara, Calif., and Dallas. The new subsidiary, now called Gray Strayton International, has added 16 new employes to Gray's roster and accounts for one-third of the company's business.

Over the last 12 months, Gray & Co. has been troubled by some public relations problems of its own, including the disclosure last summer that former Organization of American States secretary general Alejandro Orfila was on the Gray and Co. payroll three months before he left his OAS job. Orfila later resigned from Gray & Co. after questions about payments to a Spanish legislator. Also, the Justice Department has looked into whether Gray & Co. complied fully with the Foreign Agents Registration Act when it made and distributed electronic press releases on behalf of the kingdom of Morocco.

(All figures above are for the year ended Nov. 30, 1984.) 73: COMPUTER NETWORK CORP. 5185 MacArthur Blvd. NW Washington, D.C. 20016

REVENUE: $14.2 million LOSS: $869,777 LOSS PER SHARE: 46 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $13.1 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $10.5 million RETURN ON EQUITY: NA EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 120 TOP EXECUTIVES: John Spohler, chairman; Robert S. Bowen, president and chief executive officer FOUNDED: 1967

DESCRIPTION: Computer Network Corp. (Comnet) provides a variety of computer services to the federal government and business.

DEVELOPMENTS: Still trying to recover from a bloody and successful shareholder takeover battle two years ago, Comnet's balance sheet took a beating during its fiscal year ended March 31, 1984 (figures for fiscal 1985 are expected to be released shortly). Part of the company's $840,000 loss for 1984 resulted from the $585,000 in legal fees it paid to its new officers for the bills they incurred in wresting Comnet's management from founder and former president, Lee Johnson. The company also wrote off $846,000 in intangible assets after reviewing the operating results and projected earnings of a company acquired by the previous management.

For the first nine months of fiscal 1985, revenue rose 21 percent, to $14 million from $11.5 million in the comparable 1984 period. Losses also mounted, to $968,000 (48 cents) from $903,000 (40 cents). Despite the higher loss, Comnet officials say the company has begun to turn around; they note that for the third quarter, profits were $103,000 (4 cents) on revenue of $7.9 million. For the comparable 1984 quarter, Comnet had a $68,000 profit on revenue of $3.5 million.

With its basic computer-processing business on the decline, Comnet has been looking to buy noncomputer companies "to leverage the company's assets and hopefully make it more profitable," said Comnet Chairman Spohler. As part of that diversification, Comnet purchased Ford Laboratories Divisions, a New Jersey manufacturer and marketer of vitamins and nutritional supplements, for $11 million.

At the same time, the company -- hit hard by a loss in government contracts -- is seeking more data processing business from commercial clients. It is trying to beef up its Com-Mail Division, which provides software systems to high-volume mailers. 74: SCOPE INC. 1860 Michael Faraday Dr. Reston, Va. 22090

REVENUE: $14.2 million PROFITS: $242,000 EARNINGS PER SHARE: 20 cents DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $7.7 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $4.1 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 5.8 percent EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 225 TOP EXECUTIVE: Edward C. Driese, president FOUNDED: 1957

DESCRIPTION: Scope is an electronics company that specializes in the application of computer and signal-processing technology for industry and defense. Scope's principal defense work is the development of target classification processors for air-to-air combat and air defense. Its industrial products include a line of bar-code scanners and related products for use in factory floor assembly.

DEVELOPMENTS: Scope's earning were flat for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, despite a nearly 30 percent leap in sales. New business in 1984 totaled $15.7 million, up 26 percent from 1983. Scope's defense systems group developed a new line of network communications modules. Its industrial products division introduced a series of hand-held scanner/decoders, which broadened the bar-code product line. 75: BRESLER & REINER INC. 401 M St. SW Washington, D.C. 20024

REVENUE: $13.8 million PROFITS: $3.3 million EARNINGS PER SHARE: $3.03 DIVIDEND: None ASSETS: $64.6 million STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY: $24.2 million RETURN ON EQUITY: 13.9 percent EXCHANGE: OTC EMPLOYES: 135 TOP EXECUTIVES: Charles S. Bresler, chief executive officer; Burton J. Reiner, president FOUNDED: 1956

DESCRIPTION: Bresler & Reiner is a real estate developer and management company with construction under way on seven residential tracts in Maryland and Virginia. The company owns 530 apartment units and manages about 670 others; it also operates Waterside Mall in Southwest Washington and a motel in Camp Springs, Md.

DEVELOPMENTS: Bresler & Reiner's successful diversification into equipment leasing, helped by large gains on the sale of real estate, pushed profits up 154 percent over 1983. Even so, substantially lower sales of homes in 1984 accounted for a 4 percent slide in general revenue for the year. Many of the company's projects are still in the land development stage and few homes will be ready for sale until late 1985.